Sony FMP-X1 4K
Sony has confirmed the official release of the FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD media player and video distribution service for playing 4K films

In conjunction with the announcement of Sony 4K TVs, Sony has announced details of its FMP-X1 4K media player and 4K Ultra HD video distribution service.

With the service set to debut in the summer, owners of Sony's 4K TVs will be able to watch 4K films on the media player, with a selection of 4K movies pre-loaded on the box.

UPDATE: Sony Video Unlimited 4K download service launches

Sony told us, "Starting in the Summer of 2013, folks who own the Sony 55in or 65in 4K Ultra HD TV will also be able to buy the Sony 4K Media Player bundled with 10 feature films and video shorts in true 4K resolution.

"Later in 2013, the same 4K Media Player will also support a fee-based network video service offering a library of 4K titles for download."

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As well as this 4K box, Sony is also launching a selection of Mastered in 4K Blu-ray titles.

The 10 launch titles include: The Amazing Spiderman, Total Recall (2012), Ghostbusters, Battle: Los Angeles, The Karate Kid (2010), Taxi Driver, Angels & Demons, Glory, The Other Guys, Spider-Man (2002).

Additional 4K Blu-ray titles are planned through the video distribution system that's expected to launch in the US later this year.

No word on a UK release date or price for the Sony FMP-X1 4K media player as yet.


by Kobina Monney

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Barrington's picture

17/7/2014,Sony is still refusing-UK to have true 4K Media as USA

Still far too many UK consumers are probably still being misled into thinking that if they purchase a Sony 4K (Ultra High Definition) 3840 x 2160P TV, that they will get, 'Native (true) 4K' resolution as USA consumers if they purchase 4K discs- instead of, 'Mastered in 4K' (a substandard imitation picture quality (4K reduced to 2K for UK consumers - but 4K should be replaced with, 'Mastered in 2K' to be more accurate and less misleading in the UK. In the USA 4K would be 100% correct because they get 'Native (true) 4K')).

This is why to-date, 17th July 2014, I still think that UK consumers should still boycott Sony's 4K TVs until we get, 'Native (true) 4K' resolution as USA Consumers.

Despite, that USA consumers probably now have to pay for the server (computer) and Native (true) 4K discs instead of getting it free, the service supplied to UK consumers will still be inferior to USA consumers. USA system is also probably still being subsidized  by UK consumers still in my opinion.

When retailers are displaying images on Sony 4K TVs are they displaying, 'Native (true) 4K' or, 'Mastered in (imitation) 4K (reduced to 2K) resolution?

It appears that Sony will be creating a, 'Native (True) 4K streaming sytem and extra advantages for USA's consumers, which is another reason for boycotting Sony.

Why should UK's consumers probably susbsidize USA's consumers for an inferior product/service.

What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision should change the title of this article to, the one which I have created within Subject, because it is more accurate in my opinion.

To-date, 7th July 2014, (the date should be a variable, which automatically updates until UK consumers receives the same quality products/service as USA consumers) Sony is still refusing - UK to have, 'Native (true) 4K' Media as USA consumers'.

There shouldn't be a copy right problem because with the war of Blu-ray versus HD Sony was probably in charge and probably still is.

Besides, why should copyright apply to the UK (United Kingdom) and not to the USA?

This is besides Sony owns some of the copyrights to some of the films, which means What Hi-fi Sound and Vision implying that there maybe copyright issues is probably a red herring.

Next time What Hi-fi? Speaks to Sony please could you ask the following question, if Netflix is correct that it only takes 15 mbps to download 4K then if Sony is serious about; 4K and OLED technologies why didn't Sony purchased Virgin Media when it was up for sell?

Interesting, on I couldnot find any Master in 4K disks for sell - only Netflix:

Above I wanted to use the correct terminalogy (words) to describe the difference between true 4k and the upscaled imitation inferior version and luckily I did (the last time I analysed this problem must have been about; 2012/2013: