Sonus Faber's new trade-in scheme could nab you massive savings on some top-of-the-line hi-fi

Sonus Faber Trade In to Trade Up
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High-end Italian audio brand Sonus Faber has revealed its new 'Trade In to Trade Up scheme which encourages customers to trade in hi-fi products to receive money towards their next purchase. 

Running from today until 15th November 2023, qualifying customers will receive up to the total original retail price for any pair of speakers, Sonus Faber or otherwise. The trade-in value is then taken off the purchase price of a new pair of speakers you buy from any authorised UK Sonus Faber retailer.

Sound good? We thought so, but there are some caveats.

This offer is available only through authorised UK dealers and applies only to the purchase of a new (rather than discounted) model from the current Sonus Faber collections. This includes the Lumina, Sonetto, Olympica Nova, Heritage, Homage and Reference speaker lines.

To take advantage, the Sonus Faber speakers that you want to buy must be at least 2.5 times the value of the pair you want to trade in. So, let's say the speakers being traded in originally cost £1000 a pair, the new Sonus Faber model must be at least £2500 or higher. The customer will then trade in their pair of speakers to the dealer and £1000 will be taken off the price of the new speakers being purchased.

Floorstanding speakers: Sonus Faber Lumina V

The Lumina is one of the speaker lines available at a discount as part of the trade-in scheme. (Image credit: Sonus Faber)

Further stipulations of the Trade-In scheme include:

  • The pair of speakers being traded in can be from any brand, but you must provide proof of purchase via an original invoice or receipt.
  • It is up to you, the customer, to ensure the speakers being traded arrive at the dealer safely and without damage, unless alternative delivery/collection arrangements have been agreed upon with the dealer. 
  • The pair of Sonus Faber speakers being purchased must be at the full original retail price.
  • The offer only applies to the above-listed Sonus Faber lines: Lumina, Sonetto, Olympica Nova, Heritage, Homage and Reference.
  • A participating Sonus Faber dealer reserves the right to deem a customer’s pair of speakers not eligible as a trade-in for the scheme.

Sonus Faber isn't the only brand to have introduced a trade-in / trade-up scheme as part of a push towards environmental sustainability. Bang & Olufsen’s Mozart software platform, for instance, promises to future-proof models with updates to correlate with changes or innovations in software. McIntosh and Focal offered near-identical schemes in June and August respectively in a bid to entice consumers into an eco-friendly purchase.  

Either way, it represents a great opportunity for consumers looking to upgrade their hi-fi setup or speaker game to get a great discount on some new luxury kit while saving big and helping the environment in the process. A real win-win. 

The McIntosh TradeUP Program ends on 15th November 2023. Full details, including a list of authorised dealers, can be found on the official Sonus Faber website.


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