Focal's September trade-in scheme could save you serious cash on some superb headphones

Focal headphone range - six headphones arranged one after the other
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High-end French audio manufacturer Focal is offering the chance to upgrade your headphone game this September as part of its new trade-in scheme. Act fast this month and you could get anywhere between £150-£1000 / €150-1000 off suggested retail prices when you swap out any, yes any, pair of headphones you like.

The promotion, which runs from the 4th to the 30th of September, is available on six pairs of Focal headphones, including the fantastic, five-star Focal Bathys cans and the awesome (and awesomely priced) flagship Utopia model. To take advantage, all you have to do is return your old headphones to one of Focal's given retailers, choose a pair that you would like to upgrade to and then receive the given discount on your fancy new French cans. It's that simple.

Wireless headphones: Focal Bathys

The exceptionally talented five-star Focal Bathys are just one of six models available for big trade-in savings. (Image credit: Future)

How much you will receive, of course, depends on the model in question. With six models included in the deal, the trade-in values for Focal's own cans are as follows:

- Bathys: £150 / €150 reduction  on a new model
- Celestee: £200 / €200 reduction  
- Clear Mg / Clear Mg Professional: £300 / €300 reduction  
- Stellia: £600 / €600 reduction  
- Utopia: £1000 / €1000 reduction

We have been hugely impressed with Focal's recent efforts within the world of (mostly) high-end headphones, awarding practically every model we have tested a coveted five-star rating. The Focal Utopia 2022 wowed us with their exceptional detail and articulate bass, while the slightly cheaper Stellia are as sonically refined as they are stylishly rendered. The famed Focal Bathys, meanwhile, remain one of the best pairs of headphones you can buy for under £1000 / $1000.  

For further information, a list of Bathys retailers and a full rundown of the headphones involved in the scheme, check out Focal's official website. Please note, however, that the promotion is not available in North America. Happy trading!


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  • jjbomber
    Roughly 20% off across the board. Hardly a great offer; more a publicity stunt.
  • Gray
    jjbomber said:
    Roughly 20% off across the board. Hardly a great offer; more a publicity stunt.
    ...and one that, just as with the Chord DAC price slashing, sort of confirms overpricing in the first place.

    Although, if you were just about to buy some Focals, a 20% deduction is better than a kick in the bollocks (to be fair though, most things are).

    'Any' headphones can be traded in.
    Imagine some of the long-broken £6.99 Lidl wonders that they could end up with, in exchange for £1000 off.