Shure's latest audiophile headphones are expensive in-ears with special sonic filters

Shure SE846 2nd Gen
(Image credit: Shure)

Shure’s SE846 wired in-ear headphones have been around a while. Ten years to be precise. And what better way to mark their big birthday than by launching the second-generation of these five-star buds.

But, instead of going back to the drawing board for the SE846 2nd Gen, Shure has showed restraint and only made a few subtle tweaks here and there.

There are a couple of new colours; Graphite and Jade, and Shure has also updated its Clear version which allows you to see its inner workings.

But apart from that, the headphones use the same isolating design as the originals and the same four-driver set-up. This actually sounds very promising, as we found the original pair to be among “the most capable in-ears we’ve heard”.

The new pair does have what Shure refers to as a ”new extended sound signature”, though, thanks to the inclusion of a new filter. The originals came with three swappable filters in tow but due to customer demand, Shure has now added a fourth.

Users have been requesting a greater extension of high frequencies and Shure has obliged with a filter that offers “a more targeted contour in the frequency response  (4kHz - 12kHz)”, designed to “increase image clarity” and “add a desirable 'Airy' quality to the audio”.

The SE846 Gen 2 come with the Extender filter fitted as standard, with Balanced, Warm and Bright filters provided in the box together with multiple tip options to help you get the best fit possible.

They’re also fitted with a 3.5mm detachable cable, while their use of MMCX connectors means you can convert them to wireless in-ear headphones with Shure’s optional True Wireless Adapters.

The Shure SE846 Gen 2 can be yours for £959 / $899 (approx AU$1335, while a wireless adapter bundle will also be offered in some territories priced at £1049 / $999 (approx AU$1483).


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