Sharp's 2022 4K TVs will support DTS:X immersive audio

Sharp's 2022 4K TVs will support DTS:X immersive audio
(Image credit: Sharp)

Sharp's new TVs in Europe will feature DTS:X immersive audio.

DTS:X is an object-based surround sound technology that works much like Dolby Atmos. It's backwards compatible with other DTS-encoded content, including DTS:X and DTS-HD Master Audio from Blu-ray Discs and DTS Digital Surround.

The DTS:X immersive streaming decoder is also part of the package. This handles streaming content from streaming services.

DTS:X for TV is also compatible with DTS Virtual:X audio post-processing. That creates virtual surround sound from a TV's internal speakers, so you can experience something approaching truly immersive sound without crowding your room with a full surround system.

DTS:X will come as part of the package for the Sharp 70DN5EA TV and EQ series. Both are 4K models that run Android TV – the former ships in February, and the latter in March.

The EQ Series TV sports a 'frameless' design and supports HDR10HLG and Dolby Vision with 12-bit colour reproduction. Prices start at £650 (around $900 / AU$1200).

DTS:X is also part of the IMAX Enhanced program, which recently debuted on Disney+ to offer 13 films from Marvel Studios in IMAX’s Expanded Aspect Ratio. This aims to recreate the IMAX experience in your lounge.


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