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Save £70 on excellent Bowers & Wilkins 607 stereo speakers

Save £70 on excellent Bowers & Wilkins 607 stereo speakers
(Image credit: B&W)

The thing is, Bowers & Wilkins speakers are generally very good indeed, and they rarely see a discount, even before a huge sales event such as Black Friday. So when the B&W speakers on offer are not only five-stars, but extremely affordable, we think you should know about it.

Right now, at both Peter Tyson and Richer Sounds, you can snap up a pair of five-star B&W 607s for just £329 – a huge £70 saving on their recommended retail price. 

Bowers & Wilkins 607 speakers £399 £329 at Peter Tyson
Dynamic and punchy", "well detailed with fine balance" and "versatile with positioning" – that's what we said on awarding this entertaining pair five stars. Save £70 on both black and white finish models, while stocks last.View Deal

Despite the model's diminutive size, you still get the Continuum driver unit first seen in Bowers & Wilkins' high-end 800 Series. The one integrated into the 607s measures 13cm, and is paired with a decoupled 25mm aluminium tweeter. 

The B&Ws perform with all the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy greeting its owner. The audio belies the speakers' diminutive dimensions, too: bass is deeper and more responsive than the size would suggest, but it never overwhelms, making for a nicely balanced output. There's loads of detail too.

Despite being rear-ported to achieve a cleaner, sleeker overall image, we found the 607s a dab hand at positioning and versatile enough for pretty much any room in the house. Small, powerful, adaptable... simply put, these are miniature marvels. 

Our strong advice: if you're on the market for a set, don't hesitate to snap them up at this price... 


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