Save £500 on the retro-looking JBL L52 Classic speakers in this great Boxing Day deal

Standmount speakers: JBL L52 Classic
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If you've loved the retro designs of the revived JBL Classic series of speakers, you're in luck: you can grab the JBL L52 Classic speakers for just £499 at Audio Visual Online – that's a whopping great £500 off the original price.

It's one of the biggest hi-fi savings we've come across during the Boxing Day sales, and it's worth considering. This Classic range is built on the foundations laid by the huge success of the retro-themed L100 Classic, with subsequent introductions echoing the appealing 1970s styling but packaging it in smaller, ever more affordable portions. The smallest of the bunch, the L52 are entertaining four-star performers: each speaker is barely bigger than a shoebox, but the presentation is full-bodied and enthusiastic, with plenty of punch and attack – if not the last word in refinement. 

But with £500 off, they're well worth considering at this new £499 price (down from £999) – a deal that's specifically for the finish with the black foam grilles.

The same £499 deal is also available at Peter Tyson on all foam grille colours, although those wanting the distinctive orange grilles will have to wait – it's available to order, although the stock date is TBC.

JBL L52 Classic 

JBL L52 Classic was £999 now £499 at Audio Visual Online (save £500) - black grilles only
If you’re looking for fun-sounding small speakers then these are well worth a listen. While the retro vibe is the main appeal, there’s more than enough sonic ability in the L52 Classic to satisfy in the long term. They’re not perfect, but we like them anyway – and even so more with this huge £500 saving.
Deal also at Peter Tyson

The JBL L52 Classic are a two-way design with a 20mm titanium dome tweeter mated to a 13cm paper pulp mid/bass unit. These are small, standing just 33cm tall. The walnut veneer-covered box is decently made and solid, though it lacks the aesthetic class and outright quality of class leaders.

These speakers sound best given a little room to breathe, and there’s a good amount of attack and punch when needed. The sound is fun, and can even be thrilling when the music demands. Even the bass performance is pleasing. The overall presentation is far more full-bodied and muscular sounding than we’d expect from something that’s barely bigger than a shoebox. Rhythmically things are precise enough to convey the momentum of the music, though not in a class-leading way.

They may not be the most detailed or nuanced performer, but the speakers communicate the essence of songs well. And they're fun to listen to, with plenty of appeal landing with the retro vibe. If you're looking for small speakers with a big impact and want to grab a bargain, these JBL L52 Classic speakers are worth a listen.


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