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Boxing Day sales 2022: OLED TVs, wireless headphones, Dolby Atmos soundbars and more

Time to bag a Boxing Day deal (or two), folks

Boxing Day sales
(Image: © Future)

It doesn't feel like two minutes since we were sifting through all the deals and offers that Black Friday had to offer, but the final big sales event of the year is now upon us. The Boxing Day sales for 2022 began before the clock struck midnight on the 26th and are expected to last a few days in the lead-up to New Year.

So if you have some Christmas money to spend, shopping early could well see you bag the best wireless headphones or best 4K TV at the best price, and start 2023 off with a bang!

The big question during every Boxing Day sale is "will the savings be as large as they were on Black Friday?" And it's a good question too. Some products might still be hovering over the same price, and it's unlikely they'll drop any further. We find Boxing Day deals don't tend to fluctuate in price as much as they do over Black Friday, so if you've seen something you want at a decent price, you should pull the trigger.

Others might have risen in price to their pre-Black Friday level but then dropped back down for the Boxing Day sales. In our experience, you'll probably come across some products that have dropped in price and are good deals but perhaps the saving isn't quite as hefty as it was during Black Friday. On the other hand, you might find some products that are even cheaper – in which case, strike now before the price goes back up!

What we can guarantee is that there are savings on all the usual suspects from big-name brands such as Bose, LG, Samsung and Sony, and we are rolling out all the major deal highlights on this live blog during the event.

If you want to score savings on some of the world's best tech, bookmark this page and use it as your shopping guide/list to make the most of the best Boxing Day deals...

Boxing Day deals quick links

Best Boxing Day deals quick links


Hello! And welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s Boxing Day sales live blog. Here we'll be keeping you up to date with all the latest and greatest deals available.

We're expecting savings on a huge range of TV and AV products, including 4K OLED flatscreens, Dolby Atmos soundbars, wireless speakers, headphones and even some hi-fi electronics. Five-star products like the Sony WH-1000XM5 and various sizes of LG C2 OLED will undoubtedly be high on people's lists, so be sure to bookmark this page and we'll be back with all the major price drops worth closer inspection on the day itself...


(Image credit: Future / Netflix, Enola Holmes 2)

Merry Christmas, Boxing Day Bargain Hunters! Already there are some cracking prices on various sizes of our favourite TV range of 2022, the LG OLED C2.

The prices below on the 42-inch, 48-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch models are almost as good as the ones we saw over Black Friday, with just £100-£150 in it. Will they drop further? Who knows. But while not the very best prices we have seen, they are still very good indeed.

The LG C2 – successor to the five-star C1 from 2021 – was announced in January 2022. The new kid on the block boasts a brighter OLED 'Evo' panel that delivers an even better picture – it too earned five stars in our review and multiple sizes walked home with What Hi-Fi? Awards in October. The C2 is also the first OLED TV to be offered in a 42-inch size.

LG OLED55C2 55-inch 2022 OLED TV £1899

LG OLED55C2 55-inch 2022 OLED TV £1899 £1099 at Amazon (save £750)
If you want a cutting-edge 55-inch TV, the OLED55C2 is for you. This is the very latest LG OLED TV with all of the company's best tech and every gaming feature covered. We have seen this TV drop just below £1000 before, but this is still a very good price on a five-star telly. See the best prices on more LG C2 sizes below...

Sony WH-CH710N: Boxing Day headphones deal

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony's premium WH-1000XM4 and WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones are bound to drop in the Boxing Day sales – but they will still be priced well over the £100 mark (most likely closer to £200). So if your budget is more modest than that, may we suggest you consider the Sony WH-CH710 at 44 per cent off?

We haven't reviewed this particular model, but we have reviewed their predecessors, the very similar Sony WH-CH700N, and liked them very much, awarding them four out of five stars for their musical sound and decent features offering.

They boast Sony's new noise-cancelling technology that automatically adjusts itself based on how noisy your surroundings are, and battery life is a very impressive 35 hours – an hour of which can be replenished with a 10-minute charge. 

Sony WH-CH710N wireless headphones £130

Sony WH-CH710N wireless headphones £130 £72 at Amazon (save £58)
If your budget for your next pair of wireless headphones is under £100, Sony's mid-range over-ears could well be worth a punt at nearly half price. Sony has been consistently successful in the headphones market for some years now, so it's likely these will turn out as attractive as their recommendable, four-star predecessors.

In-ear headphones: Apple AirPods Pro 2

(Image credit: Future)

In case you didn't get Apple's latest noise-cancelling wireless buds that were clearly highlighted on your Christmas list, the excellent AirPods Pro 2 are now a tenner off at Amazon. Quick - this sale may not last for long!

Granted, it's not the best deal in the world, but considering these flagship buds are newly launched and discounts are rare and fleeting, this might be your best chance to get any money off the RRP in a long while.

AirPods Pro 2  was £249

AirPods Pro 2 was £249 now £239 at Amazon (save £10)
Apple’s latest flagship ANC buds are our new five-star favourites. With impressive ANC, a hugely enjoyable sound that’s powerful, dynamic and subtle, along with personalised spatial audio and new Apple-centric features. Grab 'em for a tenner off now before this deal disappears.

All-in-one hi-fi system: Q Acoustics M20

(Image credit: Q Acoustics)

The Boxing Day sales have officially started! If you're spending your post-Christmas merriment looking for a good way to spend your Christmas money on hi-fi, we're off to a good start: the brilliant Q Acoustics M20 HD powered speakers are now £60 off at Amazon and Richer Sounds. Use them as desktop speakers, your main music system, or even as a soundbar alternative to boost your TV's sound – their insightful, spacious sound will delight.

Q Acoustics M20 was £389

Q Acoustics M20 was £389 now £329 at Amazon (save £60)
"An unfussy, just-add-source set of powered Bluetooth speakers that we find impossible to dislike," we concluded in our recent five-star review. And that was before the £60 off the retail price. Five stars
Deal also at Richer Sounds

Marantz PM6007

(Image credit: Marantz)

Another solid hi-fi deal: Marantz's PM6007 is one of the best budget stereo amplifiers in recent years, snapping up a What Hi-Fi? Award for three years in a row, and now it's on sale for its lowest price yet.

Let's break down this deal's actual saving, however: we originally tested this amp at £499, but we saw the price come down to £419 when we gave it the 2022 Best Buy Award in October this year. It's been listed at various prices at various retailers in the last few weeks, but the lowest price we've spotted today is at Sevenoaks: just £369 for this superb, talented stereo amplifier.

Marantz PM6007 was £419

Marantz PM6007 was £419 now £369 at Sevenoaks (save £50)
The Marantz 6000 Series has allowed the company to have a firm grip on the budget hi-fi market over the past few years, and with the arrival of the PM6007, the amplifier line has been strengthened yet again. What Hi-Fi? Award winner

Sony PS-LX310BT

(Image credit: Sony)

If you received some lovely new LPs on Christmas Day without anything to play them on (or worse, was gifted a cheap and record-destroying deck), then you'll need a proper turntable.

That doesn't mean you have to break the bank; there are some excellent budget decks that are worth your while. These five-star decks from Pro-Ject and Sony were on sale during Black Friday, but you can actually get them for even cheaper during today's Boxing Day sales. 

You can get nab the Award-winning Pro-Ject Primary E now for just £149 at Richer Sounds. But that's not all: if you're a VIP Club member (sign up is free) you can get an additional £50 off when bought with any hi-fi products over £100, which means you get the Pro-Ject deck for just £99! A huge bargain, and a great way to make a saving if you also need to buy a speaker and amp to complete your vinyl set-up.

On the other hand, the feature-packed Sony PS-LX310BT Bluetooth turntable can be yours for £219 (a whole tenner lower than during Black Friday) at Amazon.

Pro-Ject Primary E  was £199

Pro-Ject Primary E was £199 now £149 at Richer Sounds (save £50)
One of the best budget record players ever, Pro-Ject's Primary E is a current (and multiple) What Hi-Fi? Award-winner. Clear detail, even tonal balance and a spirited sense of drive and momentum make this bare-bones deck a great option for vinyl fans on a tight budget.
Want to buy this deck for just £99? Check the deal for details on how to save more.

Sony PS-LX310BT  was £229

Sony PS-LX310BT was £229 now £219 at Amazon (save £10)
Fuss-free set-up, Bluetooth streaming for headphones (you can pair up to eight!), built-in phono stage and entertaining sound – Sony hits the jackpot in delivering a feature-packed Bluetooth turntable that's also affordable. And this is the lowest price we've seen for this deck yet.

Ultimate Ears Blast

(Image credit: Future)

Ultimate Ears' ranges of small, colourful, easy-to-use and great-sounding portable Bluetooth speakers have been a hit with us for years now, with five-star reviews from the large Megablast to the petite Wonderboom 2.

But we've spotted a fantastic deal on an older five-star product. The UE Blast (from the past, 2017) was a £200 Alexa-powered Bluetooth speaker that impressed us with its sonic powers. The Blast’s cylindrical 360-degree design means it throws sound evenly around the room with a loud, clear and focused performance regardless of where the speaker is placed. 

This speaker – in the bright yellow version – is now on a fabulous deal: just £75 at That's a whopping £125 off the original price. You can get the same yellow Blast for £99.50 at Amazon, but the OnBuy deal is much, much better.

Ultimate Ears Blast was £200

Ultimate Ears Blast was £200 now £75 at OnBuy (save £125)
Ultimate Ears has a knack for finding the right combination of sound, design and features in its portable Bluetooth speakers, and it did the same with the five-star Blast. With added bonus of Alexa voice control. Make a huge saving on the yellow finish.

Hi-fi system: Rega System One

(Image credit: Rega)

In the Rega System One, Rega helpfully gives you all the components you need for a turntable-based system (even the cables!) in a neat package that saves you considerable money than if you were building the same set-up individually with separates.

This system consists of the Award-winning Rega Planar 1 turntable, the five-star Rega io amplifier and Rega Kyte speakers – AND all the cables you'll need to connect this system up and get it playing your favourite vinyl. It's all very convenient and, despite its rather basic looks, it sounds great too. We gave this system five stars in our review, particularly highlighting its zealous musical presentation and simple set up.

And you can make an even bigger saving now, with £200 off the retail price at Sevenoaks and Amazon. If you're after a turntable system and want someone else to do all the hard work in choosing the products for you, this Rega is worth your consideration.

Rega System One was £1199

Rega System One was £1199 now £999 at Sevenoaks (save £200)
The System One gets the basics of music reproduction spot-on, delivering musical cohesion and dynamic expression in a way that eludes most alternative set-ups. If you’re after a simple-to-use vinyl set-up that’s a great deal of fun to listen to, this is a great place to start. And it's an even better deal now with £200 off the original price.
Deal also at Amazon

Sony WH-1000XM5

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony WH-1000XM5 are down to their lowest price ever!

We genuinely weren't expecting really big, good deals in today's Boxing Day sales, but we've just spotted that the Award-winning Sony WH-1000XM5 is now on sale for just £276 at Amazon – that beats the lowest-ever prices we saw during Black Friday and Cyber Monday last month!

Now at a genuinely lowest-ever-price (you'll be saving over £100 here), the five-star Sony headphones are the best wireless, noise-cancelling pairs you can get your hands on – they've been redesigned, feel more premium, are great to use and deliver a hugely musical and entertaining sound with greater clarity and openness. We keep saying we won't see this Sony pair on a better deal... but this might really be the best one of the year. If you've held out for this long, it might be time to reward yourself.

Sony WH-1000XM5  was £380

Sony WH-1000XM5 was £380 now £276 at Amazon (save £104)
The latest and greatest Sony over-ear wireless noise-cancelling headphones have dropped to its lowest price ever in the Boxing Day sales, with a big saving that makes them even better performance-per-pound value. What Hi-Fi? Award winner

Sonos Beam Gen 2

(Image credit: Sonos)

If there's one big brand people will be looking to save money on during the Boxing Day sales, it's Sonos. And boy, have we found a bargain for you! Across multiple retailers, including Sevenoaks and Peter Tyson, the brilliant Sonos Beam (Gen 2) price has been slashed from £449 down to just £329.

That's a massive £120 saving and takes the Beam (Gen2) price lower than what we saw during black Friday. This is one deal not to be sniffed at!

Sonos Beam (Gen 2)  was £449

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) was £449 now £329 at Sevenoaks (save £120)
The latest offering from Sonos impressed us with its exceptional and immersive Dolby Atmos performance. Being a Sonos product, it also has wi-fi and network streaming onboard, plus compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Available in black or white.


(Image credit: Amazon)

Looking to pick up a smart speaker this Holiday season? Then we'd thoroughly recommend you take advantage of Amazon's latest festive saving. The firm's knocked a massive 51% off its latest generation smart speaker, the Echo Dot (5th Gen).

This means you can get the dinky Echo Dot 5th Gen for a modest 26.99 - that’s a huge discount on its regular £54.99 price. We may not of have reviewed the 5th Gen model yet, which only came out in October 2022, but considering how much we liked the previous Echo Dot 4th Gen, we're still happy to recommend checking out this deal.

For your cash you get a compact speaker that'll let you quick Alexa about the weather, shop on Amazon and play music hands-free using voice commands. On top of that, thanks to its mesh network support, it can also help boost your wi-fi signal, if you have a compatible router.

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen was £54.99

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen was £54.99 now £26.99 at Amazon (save £28)
Get Amazon's latest generation Echo smart speaker for better than half price with this fantastic Boxing Day deal. Act quick though, as it's rare to see such a new product get discounted this early in its lifecycle and the deal will only run while stocks last. 


(Image credit: Amazon)

If you're on the hunt for a streaming stick to upgrade your home cinema setup then we'd thoroughly recommend Amazon's latest Fire TV deal.

This Boxing Day the retail giant's slashed a massive 26% off the price of its Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote. This means you can get the device for just £36.99, a huge £13 saving on its regular £49.99 retail price.

Having been seriously impressed with the Fire TV Stick 4K when we reviewed it, we'd thoroughly recommend jumping on the deal while stocks last. We gave the stick a perfect 5/5 score when we tested it, with it offering fantastic value for money, an easy setup process and excellent app support.

Trust us when we say you won't find a better streaming stick at this price this Boxing Day.

Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote

Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote was £49.99 now £36.99 (save £13)
Amazon's slashed 26% off the price of its perfect scoring Fire TV streaming stick, marking the perfect time to upgrade your home cinema setup.

Sony WF-1000XM4

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony WF-1000XM4 was £250 now £159 at Amazon

Sony's WF-1000XM4 true wireless earbuds are legendary in these parts. They're also still at their lowest ever price at Amazon – just £159! That's a seriously-good 36% saving on the £250 RRP.

Our WF-1000XM4 review  provides an in-depth look at these What Hi-Fi? Awards 2022 winners. But if you're in a hurry, just know that Sony's entertaining, musical buds deliver clear bass, superior comfort, excellent battery life and some of the best noise-cancelling we've had the pleasure of testing.

Black Friday discounts are still going live, but this gem-of-a-deal could turn out to be the pick of the bunch.

Sony WF-1000XM4 was

Sony WF-1000XM4 was £250 now £159 at Amazon (save £91)
The Sonys are fantastic all-rounders that look great, sound great, and do everything you could ask of them. Battery life is eight hours per charge, they're nice to use and their noise-cancelling is one of the best in the business. Grab them at this bargain price while stocks last. Five Stars

Audioquest DragonFly Cobalt

(Image credit: Audioquest)

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt was £299 now £199 at Sevenoaks and Richer Sounds

Wireless headphones might be all the rage, but if you still use a good pair of wired headphones and spend a lot of hours working at a desk or surfing the web while listening to music, we've might have found just the deal for you. 

Investing in a great DAC/headphone amp like the AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt can make a huge difference to your music, whether it's digital files stored on a network or streamed through a service such as Apple Music or Tidal. It takes the form of a USB stick that simply plugs into your laptop or desktop computer. And the best part? It's now available with £100 off for Boxing Day. Bargain.

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt  was £299

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt was £299 now £199 at Sevenoaks and Richer Sounds (save £100)
At its lowest price yet, the Cobalt packs in an advanced DAC chip and more processing speed, taking performance to another level. It supports hi-res and MQA files, and offers even more impressive clarity and precision, improved timing and dynamics, and a wide-open soundstage (see our review here). What Hi-Fi? Awards 2022 winner

Samsung QE55S95B

(Image credit: Future / Netflix, Hustle)

Samsung QE55S95B 2022 QD-OLED TV was 2399 now £1199 at Amazon (save £1300)
Samsung's S95B QD-OLED is hugely popular and has been admirably heavily discounted since launch. In fact, its price has been fluctuating so wildly that it's been extremely hard to keep up.

The 55-inch model, while not currently at its very cheapest (which was £1059 back in November), is still a great deal at £1199 at Amazon.

Samsung QE55S95B 2022 QD-OLED TV  £2399

Samsung QE55S95B 2022 QD-OLED TV £2399 £1099 at Amazon (save £1300)
You'd have thought that the first QD-OLED TV (which combines Quantum Dot and OLED technologies) would be obscenely expensive, but Samsung is already offering huge discounts on the S95B. This is one of the best TV deals around.

Samsung UE43AU7100

(Image credit: Samsung/ Money Heist, Netflix)

Samsung UE43AU7100 2021 43-inch TV was £499 now £349 at John Lewis (save £150)
This is our favourite cheap TV of last year and it's still great. In fact, we used it as the benchmark for our Awards testing this year and it beat all of the newer models, including the Samsung BU sets we got in for consideration.

This isn't the very cheapest that the 43-inch AU7100 has been – it went as low as £269 in July this year and was £329 on Black Friday. It was £449 when we gave it five stars in our review, so at £349 it's a Boxing Day bargain.

Samsung UE43AU7100 2021 43-inch TV £499

Samsung UE43AU7100 2021 43-inch TV £499 £349 at John Lewis (save £150)
Simply put, this is the best 43-inch TV we've tested this year. It boasts a surprisingly mature and consistent picture performance and the full, excellent Samsung smart platform, which gives access to more or less every streaming service under the sun.

Best Bluetooth speaker deals 2022

(Image credit: JBL)

JBL Flip 5: was £100 now £78 at Amazon

This JBL Bluetooth speaker earned five stars from us in the official What Hi-Fi? review, getting points for strong bass and timing, excellent acoustics, and PartyBoost stereo pairing. While the newer Flip 6 might be better, the Flip 5 now can be had for even cheaper thanks to the newer version's release, and it's still an excellent speaker.

Coming packed with Bluetooth 4.2, up to 12hrs of battery life, and IPX7 waterproofing, the Flip 5 makes for a full-featured Bluetooth speaker that's also excellent in terms of portability, thanks to its lightweight build and wrist strap. If you're in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, check out the Flip 5.

JBL Flip 5: was £100 now  £78 at Amazon

JBL Flip 5: was £100 now £78 at Amazon (save £22)
This excellent, five-star Bluetooth speaker offers up strong sound quality for its retail price, and on sale, it's an even better value. Enjoy tight bass, strong acoustics and more all for the low price of £78 this Boxing Day.

Bose QC45

(Image credit: Bose)

Bose QuietComfort 45: was £320 now £215 at Amazon

Bose's QuietComfort 45 headphones are some of the hottest out right now, and thanks to Amazon's Boxing Day deals, you can get yourself a pair for just £215, the lowest price we've seen for these cans yet. Cheaper than on Black Friday, even!

In our official review of the QC45, we gave these headphones four-stars and appreciated their effective ANC, awesome 24-hour battery life, and comfortable build. Put simply, these are well-made pair of headphones with some serious ANC chops, so if you're in the market for a pair, the QC45 is worth a look. 

Bose QuietComfort 45: was £320

Bose QuietComfort 45: was £320 now £215 at Amazon (save £105)
These impressive Bose wireless headphones are great on the go, offering top-class noise-cancelling and a punchy, exciting sound to go with it. At over £100 off, it's a tempting proposition if you ask us. 

Sony XR-55A80J

(Image credit: Future / Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Square Enix)

Boxing Day is in its final hours, but it isn't too late to grab an Award-winning 55-inch Sony OLED TV for under £1000.

The Sony XR-55A80J from 2021 is one of the cheapest OLEDs at this price around thanks to its 23 per cent Boxing Day discount, which sees it drop to just £998.

This fantastic five-star performer, which started life at £1899, is very much at the end of its shelf life now, so this could be one of your last opportunities to bag this super-sharp, detailed and well-featured set. And you won't be sorry you did.

Sony XR-55A80J 2021 OLED TV £1899

Sony XR-55A80J 2021 OLED TV £1899 £998 at Amazon (save £900)
This What Hi-Fi? Award-winning TV is an absolute cracker. It supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, and features Sony's impressive audio and motion processing technologies. You can read our full review here.

Dali Spektor 1

(Image credit: Dali)

Dali Spektor 1 compact, affordable speakers now £50 off

Dali's range of compact, affordable speakers - such as the Zensor, Lektor and Spektor ranges – have always delivered the goods over the years, especially with the five-star speakers from the Spektor range. The five-star Spektor 1s might be an old pair, but they deliver such a winning combination of size (petite) and sound (nuanced, entertaining and dynamic) that they're easy to recommend.

These are ideal for small spaces and tight budgets, and with £50 off the retail price at Richer Sounds and Peter Tyson, are an even better budget buy.

Dali Spektor 1

Dali Spektor 1 was £219 now £169 at Richer Sounds (save £50)
The Spektor 1s are the babies of the well-reviewed Spektor speaker range, delivering energetic and entertaining sound that's packed with expressive dynamism. Rarely have we come across compact budget speakers with such a broad range of talents. Now with £50 off, they're a bargain.
Deal also at Peter Tyson

Standmount speakers: JBL L52 Classic

(Image credit: Future)

Save £500 on JBL L52 Classic speakers!

If you've loved the retro designs of the revived JBL Classic series of speakers, you're in luck: you can grab the JBL L52 speakers for just £499 – that's a whopping great £500 off the original price.

It's one of the biggest hi-fi savings we've come across during this Boxing Day sales, and it's worth considering. These four-star speakers are the younger sibling to the excellent, five-star L100 Classic, but the retro charms remain. Each speaker is barely bigger than a shoebox, but the presentation is full-bodied and enthusiastic, with plenty of punch and attack – if not the last word in refinement. 

But with £500 off, they're well worth considering at this new £499 price – which is specifically for the finish with the black foam grilles.

The same £499 deal is also available at Peter Tysonon all foam grille colours, although those wanting the distinctive orange grilles will have to wait – it's available to order, although the stock date is TBC.

JBL L52 Classic

JBL L52 Classic was £999 now £499 at Audio Visual Online (save £500) - black grilles only
If you’re looking for fun-sounding small speakers then these are well worth a listen. While the retro vibe is the main appeal, there’s more than enough sonic ability in the L52 Classic to satisfy in the long term. They’re not perfect, but we like them anyway – and even so more with this huge £500 saving.
Deal also at Peter Tyson


(Image credit: Future / Netflix, White Noise)

LG C2 OLED 48-inch: £1399 £899 at Amazon

If you're looking for a new TV, an LG C2 OLED is just about the best TV to spend your money on. What's more is that the 48-inch C2 OLED is now on sale at Amazon for just £899, down 36% from its original retail price of £1399.

We gave the C2 five-stars in our review, complementing its fantastic image quality, unbeatable gaming performance, and impressive audio. Put simply, whether you're watching a movie, playing a game, or listening to a YouTube video, you just can't go wrong with a C2 OLED, especially when it's on deep discount. 

LG C2 OLED 48-inch  £1399

LG C2 OLED 48-inch £1399 £899 at Amazon
The C2 is an absolute class act from start to finish. Its other sizes won plenty of What Hi-Fi? Awards this year, with the 42-inch model taking two Awards itself. While we haven't tested this 48-inch model specifically, it should be every bit as good the 42 incher but noticeably more cinematic in scale. Check out our review of the 42-inch LG C2 here.

Sony 55-inch A95K QD-OLED down to lowest-ever price!

2022 was the year that a brand new TV technology arrived on the scene. QD-OLED has been created by Samsung to combine the perfect blacks and pixel-level contrast of OLED with the additional vibrancy and punch of quantum dots. It is, in a word, brilliant, and the very best example is the Sony A95K (which uses Samsung's QD-OLED panel).

In our review, which was conducted when the TV was priced at £2699, we declared the 55-inch A95K to be the new gold standard, and we still stand by that now. There are better performance-per-pound TVs out there, but if you want the very best picture performance regardless of price, the A95K is the TV to get. And the great news here is that it's just hit its lowest-ever price of £1999 (at Sevenoaks).

Sure, that's still a lot more than you'll pay for a 55-inch LG G2 OLED (currently £1299 at Sevenoaks) or Samsung S95B QD-OLED (£1199 at Amazon), but for the most demanding AV aficionado, the extra expense might just be worth it.

Sony XR-55A95K 2022 QD-OLED TV  £2699

Sony XR-55A95K 2022 QD-OLED TV £2699 £1999 at Sevenoaks (save £700)
Unlike Samsung's S95B, above, Sony's new QD-OLED TV is priced as you'd expect a premium, next-gen television to be. It's an undeniably expensive proposition, even with this discount, but if money's no object, this is the best TV you can currently buy.