CES 2024: Samsung Premiere 8K is the world's first wireless projector

Samsung The Premiere 8K projector on a shelf projecting a football match onto a screen
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Last year saw the first slew of wireless TVs, and now we have a wireless projector to go with them. Samsung claims The Premiere 8K Projector is the world's first wireless model.

It features a wireless One Connect Box into which you plug your sources like a Blu-ray player, set-top box and games console. Much like LG's new M4 wireless TV, this then transmits the info through the air to the projector which displays the picture.

A wireless projector is a more compelling prospect than a wireless TV. While a wireless TV will make for a neater set-up, a wireless projector will be much easier to position, making it a more feasible option for more people. Often, setting up a projector means re-positioning the furniture to accommodate it. Then setting up an entire home entertainment system alongside it can be ridiculously messy.

The Premiere 8K Projector is an ultra-short throw model, so can be positioned very close to the wall and still throw out a decent picture. It offers Samsung's 'Sound-on-Screen' tech, which promises cinematic surround sound. There's 100W of power at its disposal, with 8.2.2 channels and Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound.

You can have audio without picture too, if you just want to listen to music without a huge projected screen interfering with your ambient lighting. Just use the picture-off premium home audio mode. Cloud gaming comes as standard, as does always-on voice controls with a far-field mic and the ability to split the screen into four sections for multi-view.

Samsung Music Frame wireless speaker featuring a picture of a record player and vinyl

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Samsung has also announced some new soundbars and wireless speakers, the most unusual of which is the Samsung Music Frame. Much like The Frame TV before it, Music Frame is designed to look like a piece of art you would hang on your wall or place on a shelf (though it is a lot thicker than a normal picture frame due to the speakers). It can form part of a surround sound system when paired with Samsung TVs and soundbars thanks to the firm's Q-Symphony tech (which enlists the TV to work as the centre channel of a surround sound set-up). You can also use it as a standalone wireless speaker.

It's customisable, so you can swap out the picture it displays whenever you want. And it's compatible with the SmartThings platform for working with other smart home devices.

The Samsung HW-Q990D soundbar has an 11.1.4 configuration, with Dolby Atmos and 4K 120Hz passthrough. It uses AI to optimise the audio of whatever you're watching.

Finally, the HW-S800D is ultra thin. At 1.6 inches (4cm) deep, it's only a third of the depth of the Sonos Arc. Inside are 10 drivers, with overhead speakers and a centre channel for vocals, along with a subwoofer and passive radiator. It promises "deep, distortion-free bass in a compact form factor."

Pricing and availability on all of these is still TBC. We'll update this when we have more info.


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