LG's new 2024 soundbars promise wireless Dolby Atmos and sleek, TV-matching designs

LG wall mounted 2024 soundbar underneath a TV
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LG has kicked off its long list of 2024 product reveals with the announcement of three new soundbars from a ten-strong flock of new options. These models will join the existing range to create an impressive series comprising 16 models, which includes 2023 releases such as the USE6S and USC9S.

The two completely new models that LG has revealed are the SG10T and S70TY. Both feature a notable new feature: they will connect wirelessly to LG TVs. The SG10T is designed to work with the LG G3 and M3 (as well as their presumed 2024 iterations); the S70TY is geared towards LG's QNED range (once again they are expected to work nicely with the anticipated 2024 models). 

The philosophy stems from the success LG has seen with the USC95, which was designed to work specifically with the C3 OLED TV thanks to the included bracket and mount. The new S70TY will include a mount in the box that will connect it to compatible QNED TV models, combining the two into one cohesive unit. This should make wall-mounting your TV and soundbar much easier and it should all look a lot sleeker too as you won't have to contend with pesky cords. 

The SG10T features the same Zero Gap wall mount from the LG G3, meaning it can be positioned fully flush against the wall for a sleek appearance that matches the aesthetic of the flagship 4K OLED TV. Moving away from the G3, LG also promotes the new soundbar as an ideal companion to the wireless M3 OLED TV. LG has solved two issues here, as the M3 itself has no HDMI sockets on the TV itself, meaning you need to connect the soundbar to the Zero Connect box. 

Trailing an HDMI cable through your living room defeats the fundamental point of a wireless TV, although of course you will want to position the soundbar underneath the display. The SG10T addresses these issues head-on, as it will match the aesthetics and functionality of the M Series OLED TV while remaining practical in its wireless connection to the Zero Connect box. 

The concern here is the tradeoff of audio quality, as wired audio is always preferable for a stable signal. LG seems confident in this wireless approach, however, stating that the SG10T will deliver lossless Dolby Atmos and DTS:X over its wireless connection. These soundbars will also support the LG-specific WOW Orchestra feature that uses the television as an additional centre channel in tandem with the soundbar.

Notably, LG has also made strides in how these new soundbars connect to external wireless surround speakers. In previous LG soundbar iterations, the optional surround speakers would need to be connected to a wireless receiver which in turn connects to the soundbar. This is no longer the case: the new soundbars can now communicate directly with the 2024 wireless surround speakers without the need for a receiver, once again removing cable clutter from the equation. 

LG is also updating the excellent S95QR model for 2024, with the introduction of the S95TR. This soundbar supports up to 15 channels and a total power output of 810W. Improvements over the previous model include upgraded tweeters and a passive radiator for enhanced bass. This soundbar surround system boasts five dedicated upward-firing drivers, meaning Dolby Atmos audio should be particularly impressive, although this is a traditional wired soundbar unlike the other newly announced models. 

Each of these models offers plenty in the way of streaming and connectivity, with LG mentioning wi-fi streaming, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. It boasts of the musical capability of these soundbars, stating that they will deliver a "flawless listening experience with a high-fidelity audio quality". We will have to wait and see how they perform in our test room to validate this claim, so expect full reviews of each new model next year.


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