Roberts Sound 43
A simple portable radio is no longer enough these days, so it is that Roberts has unleashed an all-in-one 'digital music system', the Sound 43

The chief concern with these all-in-one products that profess to being able to do anything and everything you might want from them seems to be precisely what to call them. Roberts settles on 'multifunction sound system' for the brand new Sound 43.

And those functions in full? Well, it's a DAB/FM radio complete with CD player and iPod dock, plus of course on board amplification and stereo speakers. What's more you'll find alarm clock, sleep and snooze functions, plus aux in and a headphone socket.

Touch screen controls add a luxurious touch to the high-gloss piano black finish, while there's an electric blue display and a fully functional remote control.

The Roberts Sound 43 is available to buy now and should set you back around £200.


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