Beatles discs
All 49 branches playing old and new versions of the Fab Four's tracks today and tomorrow

Ahead of the worldwide release of The Beatles' remastered albums on Wednesday, all 49 Richer Sounds shops are playing tracks from the project today and tomorrow, allowing customers to compare old and revitalised versions.

Visitors will also be invited to join Richer Sounds' VIP club, which will entitle each customer to enter a competition and win a trip to the world-famous Abbey Road Studios to hear the remastered albums played on some of the equipment on which they were engineered. Runners-up prizes include albums and box sets.

All the shops will stay open until 7pm today and tomorrow, and after 5pm there will be free wine and beer available.

Its part of the company's ‘Bad Sound Kills Good Music' campaign, designed to promote just how much you are missing out on when you don't listen on quality hi-fi equipment.

The company says the campaign 'aims to show the iPod generation what they are missing by listening to their favorite music at home on a tinny stereo or on many of today's iPod speaker docks.'

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“Even our most affordable £200 hi-fi separates system will bring your Beatles favorites alive unlike any iPod speaker dock out there” says Richer Sounds' Marketing Director, Claudia Vernon, adding “Spend £500 on an amp, CD player and speakers and you'll be blown away!”