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Rakuten opens up more films and TV shows for free

Rakuten opens up more films and TV show for free
(Image credit: Rakuten)

Rakuten TV has expanded its free TV and film offering to help entertain us while we're stuck at home.

Head to Raktuen's online catalogue and you'll find that its collection of free kids TV programmes, and films for adults too, now number more than 150.

The kids TV shows in question include Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit, in addition to education entertainment such as Learning with Timmy and Lingokids.

Rakuten TV - free sign-up, 150 free TV & film titles
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The free titles are easily found on the home page a few rows down, one next to the other, all quite clearly marked - 'FREE - all free movies' and 'FREE Kids TV'. You can also hit the 'FREE' tab in the navigation bar in the top left corner of the screen where you'll also find Rakuten's own FC Barcelona documentary series.

You'll need to register as a Rakuten user to access them but that's free too – and comes with no subscription or commitment to pay for anything at all.

The free content is available to all users across Europe and still in 4K where stated.


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