Qobuz Sublime hybrid subscription/ download service comes to the UK

Qobuz is bringing its hybrid subscription/downloads service to the UK. Named ‘Qobuz Sublime’, the service aims to combine the two methods of music consumption.

What you get is unlimited access to the entire Qobuz catalogue, streamed in 16-bit FLAC. On top of this, there is a permanent 30-60 per cent reduction on all high-res 24-bit downloads you buy.

All downloads are then available to stream through your Qobuz account, with an upper limit of 16-bit FLAC.

“Taylor Swift's stance is a problem [because she has withdrawn her music from Spotify],” says Yves Riesel, CEO of Qobuz. “We don’t know what the music industry will be like in a few years, but for now, this is a solution. When music is not available as a stream, then it will be available as a download.”

The price for Qobuz Sublime? £219 per annum, and it is available only as a yearly package. The service has had a successful trial in France, and will launch in the UK in April 2015.

Qobuz isn’t stopping there, however. The company is exploring ways to stream in high-res 24-bit/192kHz, which includes the possibility of using Meridian MQA as rival Tidal is doing. Qobuz hopes to be streaming in high-res by the end of summer 2015.

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