PSB's new entry-level speaker range promises flagship tech at affordable prices

PSB Imagine Series
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PSB has announced the new generation of its Imagine series of speakers, comprising the B50 Bookshelf model alongside the T54 and T65 Tower speakers, at this year's Toronto Audio Festival.

The Imagine Series is designed to be PSB's best-value speaker series, featuring many of the internal designs and technologies taken from the brand's flagship Synchrony Series. With tasteful designs and more affordable price tags, this updated generation of the Imagine line could be ideal for anyone looking for an affordable yet satisfying speaker set.

Let's start with the smallest of the new line, the newly-imagined PSB B50 Bookshelf. Comprising a 2.5cm tweeter alongside a 13cm woofer, the compact unit features a two-way bass reflex design and a rear-facing slot port which, says the manufacturer, will "fill any space with harmonious sound and unexpectedly deep bass extension".

Also arriving will be a new pair of floorstanders - the Imagine T65 and T54 - which boast similar internal hardware expanded out to larger, weightier models. The T65 is touted as the "pinnacle" of the Imagine Series, bringing together the same 2.5cm tweeter and 13cm woofer as found in the above B50, as well as larger dual 16.5cm woofers.

PSB Imagine Series side by side white background

(Image credit: PSB)

The T65 also teases a broad soundstage and deep low-end courtesy of its dual bass reflex configuration, rear slot ports and "meticulously tuned woofer chambers". The crossover design, says PSB, has been developed so that each driver offers more precise sound control for a deep, expansive sound.

Then there's the T54 floorstander. Again, the T54 sports a 2.5cm tweeter, but this time there's a 10cm mid-range alongside the same dual 16.5cm woofers as found in the T65. The new tower also uses a three-way bass architecture, as seen in the T65, as well as dual rear ports. It's not as big as its flagship older brother, but the T54 promises "a wide frequency range and pin-point imaging for an immersive listening experience".

While design and form vary from speaker to speaker, much of the same essential DNA is shared between all three members of the updated Imagine line. All sport woven carbon fibre cones and all feature rubber surrounds and magnet structures. It should be noted that the three-way dual bass design isn't featured in the B50 Bookshelf, but it is common to both the T54 and T65.

Every speaker in the new Imagine Series is available in either Black or Satin White colourways from November 7th, with prices as follows:

  • B50 Bookshelf Speakers (£599 / $699 per pair)
  • T65 Towers (£1699 / $1999 per pair)
  • T54 Towers ($1499 / £1199 per pair) 


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