PS5 stock is still available on Cyber Monday – here's where to find the best PS5 deals

Cyber Monday PS5 stock is here – but for how long?
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Cyber Monday is go and and we have good news – the PS5 is still in stock! No, we can hardly believe it either. Two years after the "biggest console launch of all time", gamers can actually buy a PlayStation 5 console. 

Looking around, we have no trouble finding PS5 stock bundles at multiple retailers in the UK, US and Australia. 

That said, the hunt for PS5 stock is still challenging – especially if you have your heart set on the disc edition. And as we head into the holiday season, the best PS5 deals could dry up faster than a puddle in the desert.

So, why is PS5 stock still scarce? And which retailers are the most active when it comes to PS5 restocks? Here’s our guide to bagging a PS5 console in the Cyber Monday sales…

Where to find PS5 stock on Cyber Monday

  • Amazon: register now to pre-order PS5
  • PlayStation Direct: PS5 disc + Digital Edition (PSN ID required)
  • Walmart: God of War PS5 bundle in stock – $638
  • ShopTo: God of War PS5 bundle in stock – £539
  • Very: pre-order PS5 Digital + Spider-Man Miles Morales now
  • Studio: PS5 Horizon Forbidden West, Call of Duty bundle still in stock
  • Target: Black Friday PS5 accessory deals
  • Best Buy: members get exclusive access to PS5 stock 
  • Game: PS5 console + DualSense controller bundle in stock – £435
  • BT Shop: PS5 disc + FIFA 23 (BT customers only)
  • AO: PS5 + Just Dance for £505 (limited stock)
  • GameStop: discount PS5 accessories and games

Today's best PS5 console deals (UK)

PS5 Digital + DualSense controller £480 £435 at Game

PS5 Digital + DualSense controller <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">£480 £435 at Game
Game has limited stock of this Digital  Edition bundle, which includes the standard DualSense Wireless Controller but a second, purple one, for two-player gaming. Save £45 for Cyber Monday.

PS5 disc + Spider-Man Miles Morales £525 £505 at Very

PS5 disc + Spider-Man Miles Morales <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">£525 £505 at Very
Pre-order now for delivery on 23rd December. A very welcome £20 saving on a seriously good PS5 bundle that gets you the disc edition console and Spider-Man Miles Morales, one of fastest-selling PS5 games of all time.

PS5 disc + Horizon Forbidden West + Call of Duty + God of War bundle £629 at Studio

PS5 disc + Horizon Forbidden West + Call of Duty + God of War bundle <a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"">£629 at Studio
In stock now: Proof that the bigger the bundle, the better the deal. This haul includes the full-fat hardware, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (disc) Horizon Forbidden West (disc) and God of War: Ragnarok (download).

Today's best PS5 console deals (US)

PS5 Digital + God of War Ragnarok $459 at PlayStation

PS5 Digital + God of War Ragnarok <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$459 at PlayStation
The official PlayStation store is by far the best place to find Cyber Monday PS5 deals. It offers some of the best console bundles but there's a catch – you'll need a PlayStation Network ID to buy. If you have one, you're good to go.

PS5 disc + God of War Ragnarok $638 at Walmart

PS5 disc + God of War Ragnarok <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$638 at Walmart
Walmart has the odd Cyber Monday PS5 deal right now. This option gets you the full-fat hardware with one of the fastest-selling PS5 games of all time. Not as cheap as it was on Black Friday, but then, demand continues to outstrip supply...

Why is PS5 stock still sparse in 2022?

In September 2020, two months before the PS5's official launch, an online survey revealed that 12 percent of all Americans over the age of 13 planned to buy a PlayStation 5. As it turns out, that might have been a lowball estimate...

The first wave of PS5 pre-orders sold out in minutes. As Cyber Monday turned to Prime Day, PS5 restocks remained almost impossible to find in the UK, US and beyond. "Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold," Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan famously told Russian news outlet TASS.

Over the next 12 months, the underlying problems became all too clear: global supply chain delays, the ongoing chip crunch, and scalpers bulk-ordering PS5s to sell on at a profit. The result? Thousands of ordinary gamers were left PS5-less.

The good news? As of November 2022 PS5 supply has improved, particularly in the case of the cheaper PS5 Digital Edition. A combination of cost-of-living concerns and the recent Sony price hikes seems to have boosted stock availability. You can now buy a PS5... just not necessarily at the retailer of your choice.

So, could we actually see a surplus of PS5 stock this Black Friday? Will prices hit rock-bottom? Not likely. 

The strength of the US dollar and the rocketing cost of materials has already started to put the squeeze on PS5 production, which partly explains why retailers continue to sell out of bundles in a day or two. That's better than a minute or two, but still not ideal.

To date, Sony has sold 25 million PlayStation 5 consoles worldwide, making the PS5 the fourth-fastest selling console in history topped only by the PS3, PS4 and Nintendo Wii. But how much better would the PS5 have sold if stock wasn't so limited?

Is now the right time to buy a PS5?


PS5 stock is more readily available than ever, and the first discounts on PS5 bundles have landed (you can even save £20/$20 on PS5's DualSense Wireless Controller right now). 

Sony has added VRR to the PS5 too, so owners of the best gaming TVs, such as the LG C2, can expect ultra-smooth, tear-free gameplay. The PS5 also has a great selection of entertainment apps, from Disney Plus (now with support for 4K HDR) to Apple Music.

In other words, if you have your heart set on Sony's next-gen console, and you have the cash to spare, Cyber Monday is a great time to score PS5 deals. They could be gone at any moment, so don't miss the boat...


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