PS5 might be heavier on your pocket but it's also lighter than ever

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Sony recently made the news with its PS5 price hike coming to some markets due to, according to Sony, "the global economic environment, including high inflation." On top of this, Sony's latest PS5s are expected to be about 13% lighter than the original models, which comes from eagle-eyed Twitter user @Renka_schedule.

When the PS5 launched, it was an especially heavy console with the Disc Edition coming in at 4.5kg (9.9lbs) and the Digital Edition coming in at 3.9kg (8.6lbs). However, reports on the new PS5s SKUs on the way are slated to be 3.9kg (8.6lbs) and 3.4kg (7.5lbs), making the new Disc Edition PS5 as light as the original Digital Edition PS5.

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These changes to PS5 come after 2021's minor redesign that also lightened both consoles in comparison to the original. Last time, the heatsink inside PS5 was redesigned to be smaller and lighter while improving heat dissipation. With the latest revision, it's not currently clear exactly where the weight gains are made this time around.

Some speculate that a move towards 6nm production of the CPU inside PS5 combined with some level of internal redesign to accommodate this change is why we're seeing the new PS5s even lighter than 2021's PS5s, but we'll know more when new PS5s get into the hands of actual consumers.

Given the track record of PS5 getting lighter every year, we may well see a boundary-pushing, weightless PS5 Slim hit the market in the coming decade, but we'll have to wait and see. Let's just hope the price of future consoles doesn't continue to go in the opposite direction.


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