Prime Day comes early! Save £500 on this 5-star CD player and amp duo

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Amazon Prime Day isn't for a couple of weeks yet, but no one told Richer Sounds. The hi-fi and TV retailer has slashed the price on two stunning five-star products from Musical Fidelity – the M2sCD CD player and the M2si amp.

The CD player is just £599 – that's £200 off the RRP. And the amp is £499 – a whopping £300 off. These are both Richer Sounds VIP Membership prices, but signing up is quick and easy, and more than worth it once you see the savings.

Musical Fidelity M2sCDwas £799now £599 at Richer Sounds (save £200)

Musical Fidelity M2sCD was £799 now £599 at Richer Sounds (save £200)
A £200 saving on this five-star CD player is not to be sniffed at. Its expansive, detailed and delicately layered presentation is superbly listenable, and it remains refined and musical across the frequency range. A great buy.

Musical Fidelity M2siwas £799 now £499 at Richer Sounds (save £300)

Musical Fidelity M2si was £799 now £499 at Richer Sounds (save £300)
The amp gives similarly pleasing results. Its feature set might be a little thin, but the expansive, fluid sound, impressive dynamics and superb build quality more than make up for it.

While they might be getting on a bit now, both of these devices are five-star performers. The M2sCD launched as Musical Fidelity's most affordable CD player, below the M3 and M6 models, and comes with a mains choke filter alongside its digital stream noise filter, a 24-bit Delta-Sigma dual differential DAC, and coaxial and optical digital outs as well as analogue RCA. It lacks any digital inputs.

Sonically, it's superb. It's a refined, musical listen, with plenty of agility and a fine sense of timing.

It's a similar story with the M2si – both devices are not what you would call feature laden, but in terms of sound quality they take some beating. The M2si is again solidly built, and aesthetically it pairs very nicely with the M2sCD. Its preamp section works in Class A mode for lower distortion, with a separate power feed to improve performance and reduce unwanted interaction with the power amplifier.

With 76W per channel into 8 ohms and up to 137W per channel into 4 ohms, it promises high sound levels with any price appropriate speaker. And that's what it delivers – its sound is large scale and full of authority and substance. There's plenty of refinement on show, and even the most complex arrangements don't make it sound stressed. Dynamic expression is a particular highlight, while its punch and power leave many similarly priced rivals in its wake.

With discounts this big, these are more tempting than ever. Buy them both, and you'll save a whopping £500. Why wait till Prime Day?


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