Pioneer introduces HRM-7 studio monitor headphones

The HRM-7s incorporate a brand-new 4cm HD drive unit that "deliver neutral, high-res sound" up to 40kHz, with dual airflow chambers helping to enhance the headphones' bass response.

And in order to help remove any unwanted resonance in the low-to-mid frequencies, the HRM-7s housings feature a three-layer damping structure.

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With regards to the exterior, memory foam ear pads with velour covers have been used to provide comfort and a snug, comfortable fit, while also letting the air flow around the ears.

The adjustable headband and flexible design of the HRM-7s' ear pads are also features that have been included by Pioneer to make sure that you can find the best size and angle to suit you.

Pioneer has confirmed that the HRM-7s will come with a detachable 1.2m coiled cable and a 3m straight cable; replacement velour ear pads; and a gold-plated 6.3mm stereo jack.

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