Philips Fidelio dock wooden look out of place behind your iPod

This is the new Fidelio DS9000 sound dock from Philips: now available at £400, it has an enclosure made from multiple layers of lacquered plywood, which are then formed and bent into the finished shape.

This 'Veneer Lamination' technique creates a cabinet 1.2cm thick, and the natural stiffness of the material and curved shape keeps vibrations at bay while minimising internal reflections and standing waves.

Connection to the iPod or iPhone is digital, using the company's PureDigital sound processing technology, and the sound can be tuned using a free Fidelio+ app for the iPod or iPhone, which gives five preset equaliser options.

The DS9000 is said to use audiophile grade digital-to-analogue conversion and crossovers, and has a 25mm dual ring-radiator tweeter and 10cm inverted dome mid/bass drivers, housed in their own sub-enclosure.

Bass pipes are used to tune the low-end stuff and there's a built-in alarm clock, a proximity sensor for the controls, and a flexible mount for the personal player, which even can be used with the iPod or iPhone in a case.

A remote control handset is also supplied.

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