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Philips DS8400 is wireless Bluetooth speaker with Apple Lightning dock

The Philips DS8400 is a Bluetooth wireless speaker complete with Apple Lightning connector that aims to appeal to Android and Apple users alike.

Offering wireless streaming from any Bluetooth smartphone or tablet, the DS8400 also sports a Lightning connector for working with the latest iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch devices. There's a 3.5mm minijack input, too.

A portable dock, the internal rechargeable battery promises to be good for around five hours, and can then be charged using the supplied base/charger unit. There's also a remote control supplied.

This Philips dock sports a familiar design, clearly from the same design family as previous Philips Fidelio docks, such as the AirPlay-toting DS9800.

Philips claims these design curves limit sound reflections and make for a rigid build that naturally reduces vibrations, which can of course colour the sound.

The speaker is compatible with the company's free SoundStudio app, which brings internet radio to the table, plus a variety of sound EQ settings.

Due for release this month, the Philips DS8400 costs £250.

by Joe Cox

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