One of the best budget speakers is now only £36 at Amazon

Tribit Audio Stormbox Micro
(Image credit: Tribit)

The five-star Tribit Audio Stormbox Micro is one of the best portable mini Bluetooth speakers you can buy. It's also 31% off the RRP at Amazon, which drops the price from £53 to just £36.

Under review, we pointed out that Stormbox Micro offers surprisingly weighty bass, IP67 waterproofing and a USB-C charger for a "fantastically-low price". Now that it's shed another £17, it's an absolute steal!

With social gatherings back, this great-value little speaker is all the more appealing. Amazon deals don't tend to last long, so secure one at this price while you can.

Tribit Stormbox Micro (black) £53 £36 at Amazon (save £17)
Five-star 2020 Blu...

Tribit Stormbox Micro (black) £53 £36 at Amazon (save £17)
A five-star budget Bluetooth speaker that was initially £53 at Amazon has now received a juicy £17 discount. With IP67 water and dust-proofing, stereo-pairing, a stretchy strap for slinging around your bike's handlebars and musical sound, it's a bonafide bargain. 

If you do decide to go ahead and purchase this durable little Bluetooth speaker, you can expect a mature, musical sound and lots of great features. 

How small is 'small'? It's roughly the size of a stack of drinks coasters, with a soft-feeling charcoal fabric jacket covering the upwards-facing half of the speaker. The bottom half is rubberised, with two buttons for power and Bluetooth pairing on either side of the rounded bottom edge, looking from above. On the back, there's a neat little stretchy strap you can unsnap to sling over a bike handlebar, bag or tent pole.

Amazon offers the Stormbox Micro in two finishes: orange and black. The rather lurid "Tango orange" model is not discounted – you'll need to order the classy black version if you want 31% off the Stormbox Micro at Amazon. You could even buy two and stereo-pair them!


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