Sony A95K QD-OLED finally has official US pricing, starts at $3000

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Sony has announced official pricing and availability for its 2022 range of TVs in the US, including its much anticipated QD-OLED, the A95K.

Sony's A95K will be available in the US from June and Canada from May, priced at $3000 for the 55-inch size and $4000 for the 65-inch model. While UK pricing is yet to be revealed, a recent John Lewis leak suggested that the A95K could launch at £2699 for 55-inches, though that figure should probably be taken with a pinch of salt.

Crucially, Sony's QD-OLED TV is significantly more expensive than Samsung's own model, which uses the same Samsung Display-sourced panel. The Samsung QS95B is available for pre-order in the UK and already shipping in the USA, priced at £2399 / $2200 at 55 inches and £3299 / $3000 for the 65-inch model.

Of course, a TV's performance is dictated by far more than its panel technology alone, and we were hugely impressed with the A95K after going hands-on with the cutting-edge panel last month. It will be fascinating to see how these two QD-OLED TVs compare and whether Sony has managed to add enough extra value to its model to justify the higher price.

Elsewhere Sony also unveiled North American pricing for its 8K behemoth, the Master Series Z95K Mini LED, which comes in at $7000 for the 75-inch size and $10,000 for the 85-inch model. Is this the TV to overturn the general public's apparent apathy towards 8K TVs? Only time will tell.

Likely to be much more popular and practical are Sony's new small OLED TVs, made using LG Display panels and targeted at gamers. The A90K series is only available in 42-inch and 48-inch sizes, priced at  $1400 and $1500 respectively, with support for HDMI 2.1 features, including 4K@120Hz gameplay and VRR.

Meanwhile, Sony's standard OLED range, the A80K, also offers HDMI 2.1 support and comes in 55-inch ($2000), 65-inch ($2500) and 77-inch ($3800) sizes.

And finally, Sony has also released the pricing for its 4K miniLED sets. The company’s X95K 4K TVs start at $2800 for the 65-inch, $3800 for the 75-inch and $5500 for the 85-inch, with immediate availability. 


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