Samsung's QS95B QD-OLED TV could launch sooner than expected

(Image credit: Samsung)

The first ever Samsung QD-OLED TV is expected on sale at 'some point' this year – but when is that point? Nobody knows for sure, but a new leak could provide a tantalising clue.

It seems Samsung's publicity-shy panel has been spotted on a US retailer's website. A report by AVCeasar (via Forbes) reveals that Value Electronics – a "Samsung Authorized Reseller" – now has an online listings page for the "Samsung 65" & 55" QS95B 4K HDR QD OLED TVs".

According to the sales patter, "Samsung's new 2022 flagship" offers "unimaginable details in the deepest blacks". The description also confirms that the QS95B will boast a "Next gen ATSC 3.0 OTA tuner built-in", and that "all 4 HDMI ports support HDMI 2.1".

The page, which was still live when we last looked, appears to have been put together in something of a hurry. One section hails the QD-OLED's support for "Titzen", likely a humorous misspelling of Tizen, the name of Samsung's smart TV platform. (Update: the page is back up, and Tizen is now spelt correctly). 

The Korean tech giant's elusive QD-OLED TV was last seen a couple of months ago at CES in Las Vegas. Since then there have been multiple reports that production issues, and a price disagreement between Samsung and its manufacturing division, have delayed the TV's launch.

Does the mysterious product listing point to the imminent launch of the 55-inch and 65-inch Samsung QS95B QD-OLED TVs? It's certainly one possibility. To add further fuel to the fire, Value Electronics is urging US customers to join its "priority wait list" by emailing 

In the meantime, those seeking a QD-OLED TV might want to consider Sony's A95K, which impressed us with its "gorgeous design" and "huge picture quality potential" when we got to see it in action at a demo event.


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