NEWS: Yamaha uses Bluetooth to boost your mobile's music

Yamaha has announced a new portable Bluetooth speaker system, aimed at the growing hordes using their mobile phones as handheld music sources. The NX-B02 costs £180, and carries 10 watts of power, as well as a compact and high-gloss design.

Many are now using mobile phones as their primary portable music device. Despite this, the big trend for 'dock' systems has not really extended to music-playing phones.

Until now, that is: taking advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity standard on most mobiles, the NX-B02 offers a slick and simple wireless connection between phone and speaker.

The NX-B02 directly connects to mobile phones and Laptops via Bluetooth, and will happily accept the signal from an iPod or other MP3 player via a single cable to its 3.5mm 'mini-jack' input.

Yamaha claims the NX-B02 boasts an unnusually powerful sound for its small size, due in part to the company's patented 'Charged Capacitor Amplifier' technology, which makes more efficient use of power, and SR-Bass technology, which boosts the bass capability of such a small unit.

Lastly, the NX-B02 is powered by a supplied AC adaptor or via batteries – so you can use it at home or take it out with you when you're on the move.

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