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Everyone's got something stuck on an old video that in an ideal world they'd have within easier watching reach.

Whether it be a VHS of your wedding, a Hi8 from your honeymoon or perhaps a Betamax of the last time Liverpool won the league, there's now an easy way to get the content on to your PC or on DVD.

The aptly-named 'Rescue Your Videotapes' from MAGIX contains all the software and accessories you need to transfer your old videos directly to your PC, and all for just £50.

As MAGIX helpfully points out, video tapes don't last forever, with all manner of ways in which you can mangle the tape. So, you'll be wanting to slap them on to your hard disk or on to a DVD, won't you?

MAGIX plugs straight in to your computer via USB and your video player via Scart – cables supplied – and then "with just a few clicks" your content is transferring to the MAGIX Movies on DVD 7 software.

The package works with VHS, Video 8, S-VHS, Hi8 and the infamous Betamax, and also includes editing software as well as picture and sound quality adjustments.

The software can also be used to "compile and burn Internet videos" as well as offering to "burn video to Blu-ray" – now there's a quality mismatch.

The MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes is out now with a suggested retail price of £50.

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