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NEWS: A smorgasbord of surround speakers from Jamo

You know the score. You've bought your shiny new flatscreen TV, got it home, installed it... and then you decide you need a surround sound system to go with it.

Trouble is, you haven't got the room for loads of full-size speakers. So what to do? Well, Jamo reckons it might have the answer in the form of its new A 400 speakers.

They're styled by the Award-winning designers Smedegaard and Weis (no, can't say we've heard of them either), and they're part of the company's Aesthetic range of designer speakers.

The design is based on that of the established A 70 series, but uses an inert extruded polymer cabinet material instead of aluminium alloy, so making them more affordable.

There are five models in the A 400 range, available in three 5.1 channel packages, priced to suit all budgets.

The individual models are: the A 407 floorstander, A 405 satellite speaker, the smaller A 402 satellite, A 400CEN centre speaker and A 400 SUB with 200w amplifier and 8in bass driver.

The entry-level 5.1 package (top) costs £399.99, the mid-range one £599.99 and the premium one (above) £699.99.

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