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NEWS: Seven-channel NAD power amp goes for serious clout

For those of us who believe you can never have too much power in a home cinema system, NAD has launched a new seven-channel powerhouse, the T975. Selling for around £1600, the power amp uses a monobloc layout, in which each of the seven amp channels are kept separate, and is capable of delivering 7x140W continuous output, with all channels driven.

The T975 also employs NAD's proprietary PowerDrive circuitry, which automatically detects the impedance characteristics of the speakers being driven, and adjusts the output accordingly to cope with the load. That enables it to handle even demanding 4ohm speakers, and deliver the power smoothly and evenly.

The amp also has variable-speed fan cooling to ensure stability even over extended periods of use. Sensors measure both the temperature of the heat-sinks and the level of the input signal, ensuring quiet passages of movies or music aren't affected by fan noise.

The channels are kept separate all the way back to the power supply, only sharing their source of energy, so any chance of crosstalk is eliminated, and there's also active ground isolation for the same reason. NAD's well-known Holmgren power transformer is used, and each channel has protection against overcurrent and DC, as well as infrasonic and ultrasonic overload, ensuring stability under even the most demanding conditions.

There are individual rear-panel gain adjustments for each channel on the rear panel, and the T975 also has a 12V trigger connector to allow remote switch-on and standby.

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