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NEWS: NAD adds Viso Two to one-box home cinema range

First there was the Viso Five, that we reported on in January, and now NAD has added the stereo Viso Two to its range of one-box cinema systems.

The £700 Viso Two is a DVD/CD receiver with FM/AM tuner and built-in amplification. It provides virtual surround sound from two speakers, using its Dolby Virtual Speaker mode, and can also play DVD-Audio discs in stereo.

DVD pictures are delivered in progressive scan, and can be upscaled to 1080i resolution. There's a single HDMI video output, and a range of video capabilities, including multi-angle, multi-sound, multi-subtitle, frame, zoom and repeat.

The standard FM/AM tuner has 30 presets and RDS capability. An optional DAB module, the NAD DB1, costs £120.

iPod owners are catered for with NAD's optional new IPD-1 dock (£70), which can be integrated with the system and enables an iPod to be controlled using the unit's standard HTR-6 remote control.

And if you want to add extra components to your set-up, the Viso Two has inputs for three additional video sources and includes a front-panel input for cameras and games consoles.

A six-channel audio source can also be connected, and there are optical and coaxial digital inputs as well.

To turn the Two into a 2.1 system you can add an active subwoofer using the line-level output, and an RS-232 data port allows the unit to be connected to automated home control systems.

The Viso Two will be available in the UK from April and will be distributed by Armour Home Electronics.

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