NEWS: Multiband Eton opens up a world of radio

If you're the kind of person who likes to listen to the radio wherever you are in the world, this little receiver from US company Eton could be just the thing. The £90 E5 fits in the palm of your hand, yet covers FM, medium wave, long wave and shortwave, and can even monitor amateur, air, marine and utility bands.

The E5 measures just under 17cm wide, 10.5cm tall and under 3cm deep, and weighs 345g. It has 700 presets to store favourite channels, world time zone clock with four alarms, scan tuning including FM automatic station storage, and wide/narrow bandwidth switching for the best possible reception. Station names can also be entered for each preset.

A line audio output is provided, in stereo from FM, and there are also headphone and external aerial sockets. Powered by four AA batteries or an external AC adapter, which is supplied along with a case, the E5 allows a set of NiCad batteries to be charged internally, so the power can be topped up to keep it ready for listening at any time.

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