NEWS: LG adds chunk of Chocolate Phone styling to latest home cinema system

Continuing an apparent quest for people to think its initials stand for "Lacquer Gloss", LG Electronics has unveiled the latest of its products to follow the glossy design lead of its 'Chocolate' Phone.

The LG J10HD home cinema system offers a lot under its slick surface, however - including upscaled DVD playback, an 80GB hard-disk drive, and 2.1 sound.

As the two pictures here show, the system unit can be used either flat or standing up - a nice touch.

Another neat feature of the system is the ability to make pre-programmed recordings of digital radio shows to the HDD, to enjoy whenever suits you. That hard drive, of course, also allows you to rip, store and playback music from your CDs, with a USB socket allowing your MP3 player's music/MP4 player's video to join in the fun, too.

Other spec highlights include an HDMI socket and DVD upscaling to 1080i, with virtual surround sound - as well as stereo, obviously - provided via the system's two speakers and a subwoofer.

The J10HD is due in shops in July, priced under £350, and we've got a review unit headed our way.

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