NEWS: Atlas claims new high-end cables are the best you can buy

This is the new Mavros loudspeaker cable from Atlas, claimed to be 'probably the highest performance loudspeaker cable available'. Selling for £1390 for a 3m pair, it's joined by a matching interconnect, which uses the same technology and will sell for £750 for a 1m pair.

The Scottish company says the new products are designed to be 'technically and sonically superior to ANY other cable currently available anywhere and at any price'.

They use copper drawn by Ohno Continuous Casting, in which the 6N, or 99.9999% pure, metal is stretched out so that one grain becomes over 200m long, meaning that signal flows through a continuous conductor rather than encountering boundaries.

This, together with the use of a microporous PTFE dielectric, is said to give the cable better high-frequency delivery to go with the cable's improved pace and rhythm, plus a more open soundstage.

The biwire speaker cable uses twin low-frequency conductors each made up of 385 strands, plus a pair of single-strand 1.5mm high-frequency conductors, and can be supplied terminated with the company's hard gold plated copper Z plugs, or copper spade terminals.

The interconnect uses 73 strands of copper in each conductor, shielded by a close-weave copper shield, and comes terminated with silver-plated copper plugs. Both cables have an outer jacket of flexible PVC, covered with black woven cotton.

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