New USB DACs from High Resolution Technologies

HRT Music Streamer II

The three models of USB digital-to-analogue converter are designed to interface between PC or Mac computers and a hi-fi system, and the two new arrivals are the £139 Music Streamer II and £329 Music Streamer II+, joining the existing Music Streamer Pro, which sells for £475.

All models will handle data up to 24-bit/96kHz, and each takes power from the computer to which it's connected, using internal circuitry to regenerate the power and thus offer an isolated signal path between computer and audio system.

In addition, the top-end Pro model has balanced audio output on Mini-XLR sockets for a greatly enhanced signal to noise ratio of 114dB from DC to 30kHz and a very low noise floor.

The entry-level model still offers 98dB SNR, while the midrange Streamer II+ improves the noise and distortion characteristics.

We'll be testing the HRT Music Streamer II in our June issue, on sale on May 5.

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