First came the rumours that Apple is planning to launch a video streaming service to rival Netflix, now comes the news of fresh Apple TV hardware...

UPDATE 31.07.15

We had expected news of a new Apple TV box at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June (see story below), but with Apple concentrating instead on the launch of its new music streaming service, that didn't happen. Now Buzzfeed is reporting that the new box will definitely be unveiled in September, alongside the new iPhones.

The big upgrade will be Siri voice control, as well as a slimmer chassis, Apple's new A8 chip, more onboard storage and a new operating system.

There will also be a new touchpad controller, which should make operation simpler, and a dedicated Apple TV App Store to provide more content.

However, the long-awaited subscription internet TV service Apple has been planning may not appear until 2016.

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[Source: Buzzfeed]

PUBLISHED 23.03.15

Rumours of an Apple television have been around for years but it now seems more likely (as it perhaps always did) that the company will concentrate on its existing Apple TV set-top box.

After last week's news reports of an Apple streaming video service, it now looks likely we'll see a new Apple TV box - with the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June the likely date for the big reveal.

Buzzfeed reports that "sources familiar" with Apple's TV plans suggest we'll see a new Apple TV in June, complete with upgraded internals and a fully-functioning app store. 

As we said when we revisited the existing Apple TV box earlier this year, not only is the hardware relatively long in the tooth, it's also looking rather limited compared to rival, more affordable devices, such as the Google Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick.

While Apple's set-top box has previously been limited to music, movies and TV shows downloaded through iTunes, or mirroring your Mac or iOS screen using AirPlay, a new box could bring with it a new Apple streaming video service and a fully-functioning app store with access to much more content.

The box is likely to have the standard Apple performance tweaks, from a new processor to increased storage capacity, and could add Siri voice controls, an increasingly common feature on television sets.

Apple dropped the price of the existing Apple TV box to £59 at the Apple Watch launch, so expect a new, higher-spec box to come in at a higher price point. 

Apple's WWDC is likely to take place in June, with Apple expected to reveal iOS 9 alongside new Mac software. An Apple TV box complete with a new TV streaming service now looks like a solid bet, too.

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landzw's picture

There are lots people who

There are lots people who will welcome a new Apple TV including myself, but the main things that make it so great now is the price and how simple it is to use.

A new design would be great but a touch based remote eats batteries faster and you have to look at what your doing all the time, the remote we have now is so simple and you don't have to look at the bottons to operate.

The biggest thing missing on current ATV are the catchup services, it would be a complete streamer now if it had those services (i know you can airplay but not 5 on demand)

Fingers crossed Apple keep it simple and don't over do/price things


landzw's picture

Alot of speculation about the

Alot of speculation about the controller having a fingerprint scanner on it, which would work nicely if kept with current design