More bad news for Blu-ray as US's biggest tech retailer reportedly drops physical media sales

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Best Buy, one of the United States' more prominent technology retail chains, has announced that it will cease sales of Blu-rays and DVDs in 2024. Not only that, it will stop selling physical releases of video games too, merely days after Sony announced its new PS5 with a detachable disc drive

The death of physical media has been weighing heavy on our minds for some time now, with a dwindling supply of 4K Blu-ray players on the market and Disney already announcing that it will no longer sell physical discs in Australia signalling the end times. However, this might be yet another nail in the coffin for one of the biggest markets in the world. 

The report suggests that Best Buy will end physical media sales by the first quarter of 2024. It's also worth noting that the report seems to infer that this will apply to physical brick-and-mortar shops and its online store. 

The blame seems to lie on the increase in digital film and game sales, as well as the influx of video game streaming services. Film and television streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney Plus, and physical media formats have lived (mostly) in harmony, although the former has been a clear contributing factor in the latter's slow demise.

While it is worth taking this report with a pinch of salt, as Best Buy has neither confirmed nor denied these claims as of yet, we wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be true. 


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  • nopiano
    I’m not the least surprised. Interesting how music CDs aren’t disappearing.
  • Terry Webb
    Yet more bad news for freedom of choice. There loads of TV series and films, old and new, that are only available on disc. It's like going back to the old days when you could only watch something if it was being broadcast and yes, I am old enough to remember those days.:(
  • 12th Monkey
    Who cares? There are plenty of other retailers who will stiil sell. At the moment, at least...
  • no-name-123
    I doubt that anyone here in UK gives a .... since they don't deliver to UK.
    Studios still make physical media available. As 12Th Monkey says there are plenty of other retailers
  • toymotor
    Today Netflix hiked its prices again second time this year I bet the others follow soon. The greed they have should send subscribers a clear message. Once we have you hooked we'll charge whatever we like and with no physical media you either pay or do without.