Sony's modular PS5 Slim could be the saving grace for Blu-ray

PS5 Slim with detachable disc
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After heavy speculation and plenty of leaks, Sony has finally unveiled its refreshed PS5 design. As anticipated, it's slimmer, lighter, smaller and most importantly, it has a trick up its sleeve for lovers of physical media - so of course, we're intrigued. 

The new PS5 model is supposedly 30% smaller and 24% or 18% lighter, depending on if you opt for the version that includes the disc drive. But if you decide to purchase the digital model, and regret your decision later down the line, then fret not, as you can purchase a modular, detachable disc drive later down the line. After concerns that Xbox is planning to ditch physical discs, this has reignited hope that gaming companies won't be ditching physical formats quite so soon.

This might just be the announcement we needed, as we've been existing in a state of peril as the security of the 4K physical format seems to have dwindled as of late. This new modular PS5 will give users the option to add a physical disc driver later down the line, even if they choose not to get one initially, which sure looks like a good sign to us.

As for other upgrades, the new PS5 gets an additional USB-C connector, an upgrade to 1TB of internal SSD storage and a new two-tone half glossy and half matte finish to the exterior. Performance is expected to stay the same, with no noticeable upgrades to the internal specifications, although a new design will likely mean a change to how the console handles cooling.

The same DualSense controller seems to be included with this new model that first appeared with the launch model PS5, and there doesn't seem to be any new notable accessories apart from the vertical stand now being sold separately for £25 / $30 (around AU$50).

The new refreshed PS5 (already unofficially being dubbed as the PS5 Slim) will first release in the US in November, expanding to other markets in later months. Sony confirms that once the remaining stock of the current PS5 models is depleted, the new PS5 will be the only available model. 

The Digital Edition starts at £390 / $450, while the version with the disc drive costs £480 / $500 (Australia prices are still pending). This is more expensive than the launch price of the original PS5 Digital Edition (£360 / $400 / AU$600) and Physical Edition (£450 / $500 / AU$750) however this is in line with current PS5 prices as both models received a price hike earlier this year. 

The all-important detachable disc drive comes in at £100 / $80, meaning you'll save £10 or $30 if you decide to get the disc-drive included model from the get-go. 


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