Monitor Audio's new subwoofers promise to bring musicality to the low end

Monitor Audio's new subwoofers promise to bring musicality to the low end
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Monitor Audio's new subwoofers promise to deliver bass in spades with added musicality and agility. That's thanks to a combination of technologies that could elevate them above the crowd.

Their lightweight, rigid C-CAM cones have a higher resistance to bending stress and so have greater fidelity over their entire operating range, according to Monitor Audio. That should mean they deliver a cleaner, clearer and more precise sound. These are the first Monitor Audio subwoofer cones to use Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) to make them even more rigid, resisting the forces that would twist a more conventional driver cone out of shape, distorting the sound.

They use Class-D amplifiers too, with the largest model offering a maximum output of 2500 Watts and a continuous level of 1400 Watts RMS. This should ensure the drivers work at their optimum performance regardless of the volume, making for a cleaner dynamic range and more accurate musical performance. We'll be curious to see how they perform against the best subwoofers we've reviewed when we get them in for testing later this year.

The MDF cabinets are sturdy too, with external walls up to 36mm thick and internal walls up to 19mm thick. Add to that the bracing that's been acoustically optimised for extreme strength, and you've got a unit that's up to the task.

Inputs include RCA with LFE (so you can daisy chain up to four Anthra subwoofers) and XLR, while there's also a colour display on the rear panel with a rotary dial to access the setup menu. Monitor Audio's MaestroUnite app lets you configure the sub to your own tastes and system requirements, and you can apply the same settings across all subs in your system.

The range comprises three models. The Anthra W15 is the largest, with a 15-inch driver and 1400-Watt amplifier. The W12 steps these stats down to 12 inches and 900 Watts, while the W10 takes this to 10 inches and 425 Watts.

They all share the same design philosophy and inputs, and come in Satin White or High Gloss Black finishes. Prices are as follows:

Anthra W10: £1650 / $2350 / AU$TBC
Anthra W12: £1900 / $2700 / AU$TBC
Anthra W15: £2500 / $3500 / AU$TBC

The range launches in August.


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