Monitor Audio has partnered its feature-packed A100 streaming amplifier with its MASS 10 speakers, last seen as part of the MASS surround sound package, for a clever, compact desktop system.

Monitor Audio has put two and two together to come up with what looks to be, on paper at least, a neat, feature-packed desktop streaming system - the MA100.

The MA100 system comprises the five-star Monitor Audio A100 amplifier (compare latest prices) and a pair of MASS 10 speakers, which we reviewed as part of the MASS speaker package, which was our favourite style speaker package at its price in the What Hi-Fi? Awards in 2012.

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The A100 offers AirPlay and DLNA connectivity for wireless music streaming from a wide selection of sources, has a high-resolution DAC capable of playing high-res 192/24 files, and sports analogue stereo RCA and digital optical inputs.


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While the MASS speakers may now be bettered by newer arrivals on the surround sound market, they still make for a good home cinema option and certainly look like they'll make a lot of sense as a desktop pair.

The Monitor Audio MA100 system is due out in September for £550.

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Graham Luke's picture

High-res? High hopes...

They said this would be the year of 'high-res' audio...are consumers really going to be that gullible?

Even a cursory trawl of the internet calls out this repackaging and marketing ploy for what it is.

Antony Brown's picture

How does this play hi-res?

The user manual says nothing about hi-res playback, merely airplay and dlna. There is no wired Ethernet connection so how do you reliable play hi-res files?