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Mobee-K's new smart USB-C headphones come preloaded with Deezer

Mobee-K's new smart USB-C headphones come preloaded with Deezer
(Image credit: Deezer)

For years, it's been customary for video streaming services to come built into TVs, but this is the first time we've seen a music streaming service built into a pair of headphones.

The Mobee-K Smart Earphones side load Deezer onto compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones like the S21, Note 20 Ultra or Z Flip when connected via USB-C. They also grant the listener three months of free Deezer HiFi or Deezer Premium.

Plug them in, and the headphones unlock a customised Deezer theme with exclusive content, including wallpapers, exclusive playlists, and shortcuts to Deezer, which can be accessed via the phone’s lock screen and home screen menus.

You can still use the headphones with other USB-C devices, but you won't get the extras without a Samsung Galaxy device. You'll also have to download Deezer the normal way, via the Google Play Store.

The Mobee-K Smart Earphones only cost $22 and are available exclusively on Amazon. Not convinced by this budget offering? Perhaps consider a pair from our list of the best earbuds you can buy.


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