Meridian DSP7200
The latest addition to Meridian's DSP7200 active loudspeaker range is this centre channel model, yours for a cool £8995

Meridian has added a new centre channel speaker, the £8995 DSP7200HC, to its range of DSP home cinema loudspeakers.

The centre channel model uses the same components as the floorstanding DSP7200 for compatible sound and performance, and has the same cabinet volume.

It also has extensively rededsigned internal electronics and new software, along with upgraded transducer drive units and power amplifiers that "bring it dramatically close to the remarkable performance of the legendary DSP8000," according to Meridian. 

Using Meridian's new SpeakerLink interface, all high-resolution audio data can run via a single CAT5 cable.

And like all of Meridian's DSP speakers, the DSP7200's design rests on the pillars of digital signal processing for crossover filtering and all other signal manipulation, and multi-amplified active-speaker technology in which each individual driver is served by a dedicated amplifier channel.

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Each DSP720 speaker accepts a digital bitstream directly from a Meridian amplifer, CD or DVD player, or AV system controller, accommodating bitstreams up to 96/24.

The cabinet is made from Meridian's multi-layered "sandwich" of selected woods and metal, formed in curved, pressure-laminated panels and available in black or silver lacquer finishes – or custom colours by special order.