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Meridian announces trade-up offer on latest loudspeakers

Meridian DSP8000 speaker

Customers have until December 31st to use their existing speakers to get a "minimum value trade-up price" against a new pair of speakers.

The trade-up promotion is available in UK, US and export markets and applies to the following speakers:

DSP Digital Active: DSP6000, DSP7000, DSP5500, DSP5000, DSP3100, and DSP33

Digital Active: D6000, D600, D10, D2500, and D1500

Active: M3100, M33, M60, M100, M30, M20, M10, M3, M2, M1, M2500, and M1500

Passive: A500, A3, A2, and A1

For more details on the trade-up promotion, head over to the Meridian website.

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