Melco offers free home trial to locked-down music fans

Melco offers free home trial to locked-down music lovers
(Image credit: Melco)

Like Cyrus, Melco is giving locked-down music lovers free the opportunity to home trial its products for free.

To facilitate this try-before-you-buy scheme, Melco’s UK distributor, Audiophile Digital Music Masters (ADMM), is working with retailers to offer its own demo stock to those who wish to audition a demonstration sample in the comfort of their own homes, in their own systems. Anyone interested in trialling a Melco digital music library should contact their nearest Melco-approved retailer (listed here) in order to arrange a delivery. 

The demo samples on offer include the newly launched Melco EX Series music libraries and S100 data switch. We recently reviewed (and slapped a big five-star badge on) the Melco N100 music server, calling it "a great place to start" for anyone looking for a high-quality streamer with built-in storage.

Most are available on a first come, first served basis, however Melco promises to do its best to cater to all requests for home demonstration samples. While the online tool should be the first port of call, should Melco retailers be unavailable, consumers are invited to contact Melco directly via or

The company’s dealer network is also able to advise on part-exchange opportunities and, for existing Melco users, updating existing libraries to the new EX specification.


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