You can now home trial Cyrus One Series products for free

You can now home trial Cyrus One products for free
(Image credit: Cyrus)

In an effort to keep customers entertained and give retailers the opportunity to continue serving them, Cyrus Audio has today announced a free home trial programme for its One series of hi-fi.

The initiative – a direct response to the impact of Coronavirus – means that anyone can borrow a Cyrus One, One HD or One Cast amplifiers (with or without speakers), or the One linear speaker system, from any of Cyrus’ participating UK dealers (opens in new tab) for a free trial period of 14 days, subject to a small deposit being taken. 

By incentivising a home trial, it is discouraging customers to visit dealers’ premises for product tests and listening. According to Cyrus, retailers have welcomed the programme.

Cyrus Audio’s managing director, Simon Freethy, commented on the announcement: With large numbers of people being asked to work from home and/or self-isolating, we want to ensure they have the opportunity for the escapism of music, without the stress of having to directly visit a hi-fi retailer. Our UK dealers have seen a dramatic fall in customer visits, so we wanted to develop a programme which allowed our retailers to continue to provide all the added value services they offer above online stores, such as demonstration facilities as well as one to one advice, without the customer physically having to visit the store.  

While we haven't yet put the One linear speaker system through its paces, we have gone twelve rounds with all three Cyrus One amplifiers. If you are in the market for a new amplifier, the Cyrus One (£699) and Cyrus One HD (£999) are particularly worthy of consideration for their combination of decent performance and well-equipped analogue, digital and Bluetooth connectivity.


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