McIntosh unveils MCD550 CD/SACD player

McIntosh has recently taken the wraps off its new MCD550 CD/SACD player.

The MCD550 houses an eight-channel, 32-bit/192kHz PCM/DCD DAC at its core, which operates in quad-balanced mode.

This means its utilises four DAC paths per channel which allows for music from all sources can be reproduced with a wide dynamic range and low distortion.

Three digital inputs come in the form of coaxial, optical and asynchronus USB 2.0 which can transfer digitally stored music up to 192kHz. All three inputs can support 16, 24-bit/192kHz.

Coaxial and optical outputs are also on offer, allowing the MCD550 to be used with a digital preamp or home theatre processor. It also plays host to balanced and unbalanced outputs, both fixed and variable.

On the front of the player you'll find McIntosh's signature neon green stylings, with the front panel displaying playback status, digital input status and the variable output volume level.

Volume control is handled via a dial: this allows for volume adjustment for headphone use; volume-matching with other source components and for volume control when connected to a power amp. A separate dial is is used for track selection.

The MCD550 makes use of a dual-chassis design, and is supplied with an advanced linear power supply. This features a special R-Core power transformer which aims to ensure stable and noise-free operation.

The McIntosh MCD550 will be available from February and will retail for £6395.

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by Max Langridge

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