Living Control's Studio 6 server supports Full HD video and iPhone control

Living Control Studio 6

It can also handle four separate audio-only outputs for music, and can be controlled using in-wall keypads.

For customers who want even more flexibility, there's the option of an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch interface which turns the iPhone/Touch into a portable control panel for the entire system. Users can select artist, album, playlist or TV channel in any room.

The interface also allows users to download, store, control and enjoy web content such as podcasts, digital music files or news wherever they are in the home.

Unlike other web-based iPhone interfaces, which operate through the iPhone's embedded Safari browser, Living Control says its system is a standalone application for the iPhone/iPod Touch and so provides a faster and more reliable control system.

The Studio 6 MediaServer has 2TB of storage, a slot-loading DVD player, twin HDMI outputs, touch-sensitive controls, twin component video outputs and an optional rack mount kit. A Blu-ray version will be introduced next year.