Lindy BNX-100: More 5-star, budget wireless noise-cancelling headphones?

Lindy launches more budget noise-cancelling wireless headphones

A few years ago, Lindy's BNX-60 (£80) showed that decent noise-cancelling wireless headphones under £100 could be achieved. 

Not many brands have attempted such a feature-packed pair at this lowly end of the market - and, in our experience, none have done so quite so successfully as Lindy. 

We're pleased, then, that the brand is up to the same old tricks, today introducing a brand-new pair of budget wireless noise-cancelling headphones, the BNX-100.

At £119.99, they aren't quite as affordable – that justifies the ongoing existence of the BNX-60s in Lindy's headphone line-up – but the combination of noise-cancellation and Bluetooth is still a rare pairing at this humble price point.

Lindy says it has taken the BNX-60s and improved on their performance, comfort and features for the new model. They are slightly larger and introduce a few new features...

The BNX-100s automatically pause your music when you remove them from your head, and can be paired with two devices simultaneously for audio switching between, say, music listening and call making. You can also choose to allow external sound to be heard if you want to be aware of your surroundings or hear an announcement.

As for the two standout functions, the BNX-100s feature the latest Bluetooth (5.0) with aptX, and active noise cancelling technology that, with help from the faux leather ear pads' isolation, supposedly reduces the wearer’s exposure to external noise by 'up to 95 per cent'. 

Battery life is a pretty reasonable 15 hours, too. The feature-set is rounded off with on-ear playback controls and a whole host of accessories that includes a hard carry case, 6.3mm adapter and dual-plug flight adapter.

The Lindy BNX-100 are available in the UK now, priced at £119.99. And we hope to give you our verdict on them very soon.

Becky Roberts

Becky is the managing editor of What Hi-Fi? and, since her recent move to Melbourne, also the editor of Australian Hi-Fi magazine. During her 10+ years in the hi-fi industry, she has reviewed all manner of audio gear, from budget amplifiers to high-end speakers, and particularly specialises in headphones and head-fi devices. In her spare time, Becky can often be found running, watching Liverpool FC and horror movies, and hunting for gluten-free cake.