Pricing for LG's wireless M3 OLED TV has been unveiled – and it's lower than expected

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LG has revealed more details regarding its extraordinary and mysterious M3 OLED wireless TV, including further pricing, what we can expect from the panel, and further technical specifications regarding the Zero Connect wireless tech that allows for the unique design.

Starting with the panel, LG says that it will be using the same one found in its G3 OLED TV, meaning Micro Lens Array (MLA) will feature. However, while the TV itself comes in 77-, 83- and 97-inch variants, LG Display only produces META-OLED panels up to 77 inches. This makes it almost certain that only the smallest (and cheapest) version of the M3 OLED will feature MLA.

What LG has confirmed is that the M3 will support Brightness Booster Max for enhanced brightness, which also features on the G3. We can also make inferences based on other picture features from the G3, including that it'll likely support HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG, as well as Dolby Atmos for sound.

The 65-inch G3 was awarded five stars in our review, on the merit of its excellent picture quality, so seeing the same panel being used here might give us an early indication of what to expect from picture performance.

Do keep in mind though that picture performance will also hinge massively on the Zero Connect wireless technology.

LG has taken a lot into consideration as to how a truly wireless TV could work, obviously not counting the single cable required to power it. Its aim is to reduce clutter and enhance the versatility of where you can place your TV, and obviously, it gets points for its futuristic styling too. 

To achieve this wireless form factor, LG has paired the OLED panel with a Zero Connect (not to be confused with Samsung's similarly named One Connect) box, which houses the Alpha 9 processor, three HDMI 2.1 ports (one of which is eARC), two USB ports and an optical port. The box transmits to the panel via a 60GHz band, which LG selected specifically due to it being used by very few other devices, so the chance for interference should be very low.

All of the picture processing is done within the Zero Connect box, with LG claiming that it can deliver lossless quality 4K/120Hz over the wireless signal. Latency is also supposedly under 5ms, meaning gamers who were sceptical about how responsive a wireless TV could be for gaming can let down their guard somewhat. 

Onto the part you've all been waiting for, how much does the world's first wireless 4K OLED TV cost? US pricing is yet to be revealed, but we do have UK pricing, and it might be lower than we first expected – not that it's what most people would call affordable. The 77-inch model will cost £6000, the 83-inch costs £8000, and then there's a massive jump to the 97-inch version, which comes in at a whopping £28,000. LG says that it will also sell an optional floor stand if you'd prefer not to wall mount it.

So, now that we know more about the M3 OLED, will you be investing in the world's first wireless 4K OLED TV? If you are, the good news is that you shouldn't have to wait too long, as LG tells us that it plans to launch the M3 in the UK in September. Start saving and stay posted for our full review.


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