LG's 2024 QNED TV range features big screen sizes and an 8K Mini LED option

2024 LG QNED TV wall-mounted
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LG has revealed its first slate of 2024 TV models and no, it's not OLEDs quite yet. Instead, we've had our first look at four TV models that fall into LG's QNED range. Using panel tech otherwise known as Quantum Nano-Emitting Diode, this range of LG TVs seems to encompass everything from flagship 8K Mini-LED powered models to entry-level 4K LED TVs. We'll start from the top and work our way down to see what this new range has to offer.

Starting with the QNED99T, this is LG's 8K model for 2024, with Mini LED backlighting. It features the most advanced panel in this range, complete with 120Hz gaming functionality, QNED Colour Pro and Precision Local Dimming, which LG says will deliver "vivid contrast and exceptional brightness". Interestingly, this is LG's first update to its 8K LED model since 2021.

It features a slimmer "Gallery Design" that's designed to look as slender and modern as possible while being best suited to wall mounting. Interestingly, LG has ditched the 65-inch model of its last 8K QNED TV and will only be offering the 99T in 75- and 86-inch versions. It will also be outfitted with a new Alpha 9 AI Processor 8K chipset, which will likely include many new software features and picture processing upgrades. 

If you're not as enamoured with 8K but still want a model with Mini LED, then the QNED90T might be more suited to you. It also features 120Hz, Precision Dimming and QNED Colour Pro, but steps down to an Alpha 8 Processor. Design-wise, it's also set to be slightly different, with a slim-design chassis, coming in 65-, 75- and 86-inch sizes. 

Taking a further step down is where things get interesting, as LG is going big with the QNED85T. Joining the likes of Hisense, TCL and Samsung, LG will offer this TV in 98-inch screen size; don't worry if that doesn't fit into your living room as it will also come in 50-, 55-, 65-, 75- and 86-inch options. However, this big screen will come at the expense of backlighting technology, as the 85T uses a standard LED backlight. This also means that local dimming takes a hit, with this model sporting Advanced Local Dimming. 

The compromises don't stop there as it also drops down to QNED Colour, losing the Pro moniker of its siblings. It does, however, keep the 120Hz refresh rate and Alpha 8 Processor of the 90T, as well as featuring a "Super Slim Design" which we assume to be slimmer than the regular slim design of the QNED90T.

Onto the fourth and final TV in this new lineup, we have the QNED80T, an entry-level 4K LED model that pairs back a lot of the features seen on the other TVs in this range. While it keeps a super slim design, QNED colour and advanced local dimming of the 85T, it drops down to 60Hz and the Alpha 5 AI processor. It'll be available in 43-, 50-, 55-, 65-, 75- and 86-inch size options. 

LG promises top-notch picture performance across the QNED lineup, thanks to the inclusion of AI Picture Pro, which can identify faces, objects and backgrounds and enhance texture detail in each in order to enhance realism. Users can also tune picture enhancements to best suit their tastes with Personalized Picture Wizard; a system that lets users select a set of preferred images and then uses that data to tweak the image to align with the user's choice.

Sound is also getting the artificial intelligence treatment with AI Sound Pro. This will create a virtual 9.1.2 surround sound effect from the TV speakers, while LG soundbar owners can also take advantage of WOW Orchestra for unifying the built-in TV speakers with their soundbar. 

Rounding things off with the software experience, LG reveals that the 2024 QNED range will come equipped with the latest version of webOS, which will include individual user profiles with personalised content recommendations, as well as new customisable organisation options to rearrange and group together apps for different occasions.

CES is right around the corner, so stay posted for plenty more TV news coming soon.


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