LG's 2024 OLED TV pricing revealed – is it good or bad news?

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LG's new OLED TV range is easily one of the most highly anticipated launches of 2024, and we're one step closer to having the new sets in our grasp. Pre-orders for the G4, C4 and B4 OLED TVs have gone live on LG's website, with official pricing revealed for each model. So, is it good news? Or are we in for another price increase?

Earlier this year we reported that the C4 and G4 were expected to be more expensive than their respective predecessors, and while this seems to be true in the US, it looks like we've dodged the inflated price tag on this side of the pond. Better yet, prices are actually down this year; it's not a night and day difference, but it's an appreciated saving nonetheless. 

Savings range from £100 to £200 off the price of many of the mainstream models (42- to 65-inches), while the larger models (77-inches upwards) are up to £500 cheaper this year. 

The same cannot be said for Australia, as the prices of LG TVs Down Under seem to be far less consistent. Some models have hundreds of dollars slashed from the price, while others are a few dollars more expensive. For example, the 65-inch C4 is practically the same price, while the 77-inch model has had a whopping AU$795 slashed from the price. LG is offering a voucher of up to AU$300 on some models if you've signed up for the MyLG Membership programme, meaning pre-ordering could be worth it if you're dead set on one of LG's latest OLEDs. 

The US hasn't gotten off as lightly, however, as there has been about $100 to $200 bolted on to the price for this year. This varies by model and size, but the general sentiment is that the price hikes that we suffered with last year's C3 and G3 OLEDs have made their way to the States. 

So how do the 2024 LG OLED TV prices stack up to their 2023 counterparts? You can check our handy spreadsheet for the full lowdown.

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LG B4, C4 and G4 price comparison
42"N/AN/A£1400 / $1500 / AU$2199£1500 / $1400 / AU$2595N/AN/AN/A
48"£TBC / $TBC /AU$TBCN/A£1500 / $1600 / AU$2499£1600 / $1500 / AU$2895N/AN/AN/A
55"£1700 / $1700 / AU$2500£1900 / $1700 / AU$3145£1900 / $2000 / AU$3299£2100 / $1900 / AU$3295£2500 / $2600 / AU$4199£2500 / N/A / N/A£2600 / $2500 / AU$4195
65"£2500 / $2199 / AU$3299£2700 / $2400 / AU$4095£2700 / $2700 / AU$4299£2900 / $2600 / AU$4295£3300 / $3400 / AU$5299£3300 / N/A / N/A£3500 / $3300 / AU$5295
77"£3500 / $3400 / N/A£3800 / $3300 / AU$6495£3800 / $3700 / AU$5999£4000 / $3600 / AU$6795£4500 / $4600 / AU$7999N/A£5000 / $4500 / AU$8395
83"N/AN/A£6000 / $5400 / AU$7999£6500 / $5300 / AU$8995£7000 / $6500 / AU$10,000N/A£7500 / $6500 / AU$10,995
97"N/AN/AN/AN/A£TBC / $25,000 / AU$TBCN/AN/A

You'll notice there's a new addition to the lineup in the form of the G4S. This isn't some special mid-generation update like an iPhone 6S, but instead, a variant of the G4 that comes with a handy tabletop stand. It's only available in 55- and 65-inches, and you can still option the G4 to come with its regular Zero Gap wall mount if you'd prefer. Confusingly, the G4S is the regular G4 in the US, while the other sizes come with the wall mount. In Australia, it's even more rogue, as all sizes of the G4 appear to come with either the new pedestal stand (55- and 65-inch) or the traditional LG OLED TV centre stand (77- and 83-inch).

Furthermore, the highly anticipated 48-inch B4 is nowhere to be seen. While we've already expressed our interest in a smaller, more affordable, and better gaming specced LG OLED TV, it looks like we're going to be kept waiting for now. 

LG is also running a variety of promotional bundles currently, with some TVs being paired with free or heavily discounted soundbars, or even a free StanbyME portable TV if you opt for one of the larger and pricier models. It's not quite as good as the free 65-inch Samsung TV promotion that the Korean competitor is running in the States if you pre-order one of its latest TVs, but we won't turn our nose up at a free Dolby Atmos soundbar

Speaking of the competition, how does this pricing stack up with Samsung? Official pricing for Samsung's full range is slim, but we do have the 65-inch S95D for reference, which we can compare to the LG G4. Samsung's premium 4K OLED costs £3599 / $3400 / AU$4999, while the G4 retails at £3300 / $3400 / AU$5299; it's not a like-for-like comparison but the bottom line is that the LG is cheaper in the UK, exactly the same as the Samsung in the US, and more expensive in Australia. 

You can pre-order LG's latest OLED TVs in the UK, US and Australia now. LG's upcoming QNED models also appear to be available in some regions, but stay posted for a full reveal on worldwide pricing and availability for those models coming soon. 


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