First 2024 LG G4 and C4 prices revealed – and they’re more expensive than the G3 and C3

LG G4 OLED TV showing Foundation on Apple TV
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We have pricing! LG's C4 and G4 are two of the most eagerly-awaited TVs of 2024, and now we know how much they'll cost, in the US at least.

Bad news. They're more expensive than their predecessors, the C3 and G3. But at least the $99 surcharge (at most sizes) is less than Samsung has added to its new S95D.

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LG C4 and G4 price comparison
42"£TBC / $1499 / AU$TBC£1500 / $1400 / AU$2595N/AN/A
48"£TBC / $1599 / AU$TBC£1600 / $1500 / AU$2895N/AN/A
55"£TBC / $1999 / AU$TBC£2100 / $1900 / AU$3295£TBC / $2599 / AU$TBC£2600 / $2500 / AU$4195
65"£TBC / $2699 / AU$TBC£2900 / $2600 / AU$4295£TBC / $3399 / AU$TBC£3500 / $3300 / AU$5295
77"£TBC / $3699 / AU$TBC£4000 / $3600 / AU$6795£TBC / $4599 / AU$TBC£5000 / $4500 / AU$8395
83"£TBC / $5399 / AU$TBC£6500 / $5300 / AU$8995£TBC / $6499 / AU$TBC£7500 / $6500 / AU$10,995
97"N/AN/A£TBC / $24999 / AU$TBCN/A

The only model that's the same price as its predecessor is the 83-inch G4.

Both the C4 and G4 are slated for a March release in the US. That could be a month or two later in the UK, we'll update you when we hear anything new.

This year, the difference between the G- and C-series OLED TVs is bigger than ever. Not only does the G4 boast a heatsink and brightness-boosting MLA tech, it also has a new processor, the Alpha 11. This should again add extra brightness, courtesy of its Peak Highlighter feature, which allows for small highlights that are 150 per cent brighter than a standard OLED.

Samsung recently priced its S95D at €300-€400 more expensive than the S95C, depending on size.

The S95D will battle it out with LG's new models, and with both Euro 2024 and the Paris Olympics set to take place this summer, it should be boom time for sales of new TVs.


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  • Hifiman
    You do get the impression that the oligopoly of OLED/QD-OLED suppliers have decided to extract excess margin from medium-to-high end customers. My 55 inch LG C1 cost £899 from John Lewis two years ago with a £100 voucher making it effectively £799. I know that these initial LG (and Samsung, Sony etc) prices will fall over the coming year but they are unlikely to ever match the price I paid despite the technology presumably becoming cheaper to produce as time passes. It is a risky game for these manufacturers to play if the likes of TCL decide to enter the fray at a cost you would expect OLEDs might have fallen to by now.